Thanksgiving– A Story

My family and I struggle to make ends meet. After my father passed away a few years ago, we lived on one social security check after another, Life was hard! My sister and I grew up under a strict and stingy father. There were no happy anything because to him  holidays was just another day, but the three of us made the best of those days.

Every Thanks giving, my mom would take us out to Sizzler’s while my father made himself waffles. (If you ask why he didn’t’ come along, it is because he wouldn’t give us enough money  to buy all the fixings). It was nice eating out, but it got to be  too much after a few years. I missed a home cooked meal.

A year after he passed, my mother couldn’t handle walking anymore. Her legs would hurt and we have decided to have dinner at home. That was fine with me. Thanksgiving  falls on my cooking day so I looked forward to preparing a  big meal. (Someday I can do it for my future husband).

We have a lot to be thankful for. Thanksgiving isn’t about having a big meal although the pilgrims and the Natives had a feast. It’s about being thankful for what God has given us. The pilgrims were religious people. I can imagine they gave thanks for the bounty God has provided, and even more a safe landing on Plymouth Rock. I can also imagine the sharing of food! Either side eating food  neither have tasted before.  Here is  link where the Origins of Thanksgiving began

So as you sit around the table with your family and friends, don’t take for granted with the food God has provided. There are people out in the world who don’t have what you have. They are homeless, poor and starving. In America, there are organizations that offers a Thanksgiving Meal to the less fortunate. Also take time to thank God for all the things he has done for you.

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Julie Henshaw from The Past Hunter

To help you know my characters. I have conducted an interview with Julie Henshaw. IN a few months, the second book in the series will be published and I want to get you acquainted with Julie.

Julie, so nice of you to take time out of your schedule to sit with me, Thanks for joining me.

My pleasure, Ruthie.

Julie, please tell the reader a little about your background.

I grew up as an only child in a small town of Montana, My parents raised me in Grace Baptist Church. I was very much sheltered and loved by them.

Did they home-school you or did you go to public schools?

**laugh** neither. They sent me to a Christian Private School in Billings. They wanted me to have the best education possible.

When did Eric come in on the scene? Was he your first?

**smiles** Yes. I met him while I worked as a waitress at Jewl’s&Jays Diner. He cane in as a customer and he hit on me!

(Eric in the background laughing)

In the Past Hunter. you left Montana, why?

(Looks at Eric then at me) I thought he had murdered someone so I left. It turned out he helped bury a a dead man…I found out the Lord allowed me to leave Montana because Eric hindered my walk with the Lord.

How long have you been married?

Three years and counting.

I hear you  are expecting your first child. Congratulations.

(Eric’s clear his throat)

Thank you, but I have the Lord to thank. It took Eric three years to let me off the pill and that came out cost.

Thank you for this time. Readers, to find out more about the “cost”, stay tune for the upcoming book BABY BLUES.

You’re welcome.

lead character in The Past Hunter:When the Past Comes Calling
Lead character in The Past Hunter:When the Past Comes Calling

C Christian Romance with Suspense

The Story Behind “The Past Hunter: When The Past Comes Calling

A few years ago I had this idea in my mind to write a romantic suspense. I wasn’t sure what to name it until later. I began with  a woman named Julie. Julie is kind of like who I want to be: Spiritual, Charismatic and into the kind of spiritual things I desire to be involved with. What she does for her second job is close to what I do: She is retailer at a bookstore.

The book begins when Julie wakes up with a strong feeling something is wrong. She receives visions of danger and flees. When she returns home, the danger is still there, but she braves it and finds out that her ex boyfriend had been looking for her—for 6 years!

Eric Young is a cowboy rancher. He own his father’s ranch and   is deeply in love with Julie. In chapter two we find out how it began why she is living in California and not in Montana with him. My book has received 12 reviews averaging around 4.5 stars rating.

You might think that the title is a strange one, but I couldn’t think what to name it. It came to me that since it is about a man from Julie’s past has come looking for her (hunting her down) why not call it the Past Hunter. The Subtitle came later.

If you haven’t downloaded my ebook yet, why not today. Or you can wait until Cyber Monday and download it for free.

In a few months, the second book which will  a woman’s fiction called Baby Blues. Please visit my website This book has been updated several times so now it should be even better!


An Excerpt from Purify My Heart

Darlene worked as a writer for the Addison Review to help
pay her bills. When she had no work to do, she would quietly work10588606_896981380315702_1943827341_n (1)
on her manuscript, which she hoped would be a novel someday. After
many submissions, she received rejection after rejection, but she never
gave up.
Darlene’s marriage to a Marine made her life lonely, as her
husband was away a lot. As a result, her heart drifted to a charming
and alluring man named Diethelm, who came into the magazine
company looking for a business deal (or so he said). He saw Darlene
and felt drawn to her beauty and innocence.
“Hello. Is your name ‘Bella’?” He smiled. “Because you are
beautiful indeed.”
She blushed. “Thank you. My name is Darlene.” His
compliment caught her off guard, but she quickly remembered where
they were. In a more businesslike voice, she asked, “What can I do for
Diethelm smiled. “I completely forgot when I saw you.” He
put a finger to his chin, pretending to think. “Oh yes, I am here to
see your Editor. Is he in?”
Darlene wondered where that first line had come from.
“She,” Darlene corrected, and wondered if he’d made up the answer
on the spot. “And she is out. Her assistant is in.”
“Would you care to have lunch with me?”
Wow! This guy moves fast!
Darlene blushed and smiled. “I’m a married woman.”
“What harm is having lunch with a new friend?” He flashed
his charming smile at her again.
“I would be glad to, as long as you don’t make passes at me.”
Purify My Heart Madison ~ Morrison
􀀶􀀁 􀀁
“I would not dream of it.”
What he did dream about was touching her and holding her
close. It was what he’d wanted for a long time, way before he’d even
entered the building.
“Okay,” Darlene said nervously, not knowing how to answer
this handsome stranger. He was so forward and so sure of himself.
And she had been lonely for far too long.
“Great! I look forward to seeing you again.” He picked up a
piece of notebook paper and scribbled an address. Then he handed
her the note. “Why don’t we meet at the Illuminate Me Diner?”
Illuminate Me Diner? Isn’t that—Oh the thought of going there!
She shuddered.
Diethelm saw her discomfort and understood the reason.

True Love is Hard to Come By These DAys


This is a great article about marriage commitment

Originally posted on It all started with Heathcliff:

“Whoa … True love like that is hard to come by these days.”

This response to my birthday post for my husband hurt my heart. Yes, we have been married for 19.5 years and yes, I meant everything I said in that post … my husband is my concrete. But, he is not Prince Charming and I’m no Princess.  It is not a bed of roses – this thing called marriage is hard, in fact, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We fight. We fuss. Sometimes we “hate” each other. We’ve had ups and downs – been through so much … but here’s what keeps us from the “D” word … Commitment.

We we said, “I do,” we said those words before God.

That means everything to the both of us. There is no Plan B, no trap door, no escape hatch. We said “For Better or Worse” in front…

View original 961 more words

Where Are All the Reviews?

10588606_896981380315702_1943827341_n (1)

So I wrote a book and Linkville Press published it just last July. Previously  my book was called Jesus Paid It All, many people downloaded it, but none reviewed it. People told me it looked like a devotional (see photo below)Paranormal Suspense

And therefore I decided to go with a new look


until I asked my co-author if she could edit my next Manuscript. She was about to but she was looking for another publisher to edit for until she found Linkville Press and got me involved so she can edit my MS, I have decided to have LP publish PMH (see first photo) Amanda Marie did a great job with the cover, but  authors in the christian circle questioned it saying it suggests erotica. I even had a potential reviewer turn down her offer to review because it was too dark for her. We live in a dark world. I guess Christian readers expect the books they read to be all light because they’ve seen enough darkness in their life time!

In our world, many evils have been played out: The threat of an extreme militant group beheading Christians, abortions becoming legal, politicians promoting and supporting gay rights and more persecution of Christians! What are we Christians to do? Go hide until it’s all over? In some cases, they cry out “Lord Jesus come now!” But Jesus is the light of the world–we are the light in the dark world and we can’t hide our light.

I can guarantee that in all my books no matter how dark it may seem, there is a light, but you persevere if you want to see the light.  If you faint at the sight of blood, you will never be  a doctor.  If you don’t have a strong mind, you wont be able to find good in my book because you will quit.

Purify My Heart needs reviews! And people shriek when they read my book involves witches. If I write about a woman being kidnapped and dressed in a robe, people think I write a strange tale. If I write about a woman over reacting to what she has seen or that someone gets saved,  people thinks my book is unrealistic. I have read worst.

So will the real reviewers stand up?

Thanks for letting me rant.

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