Meet the Characters to Marge

I would like to begin  by introducing you to the characters in my book Marge. Instead of me telling you about them, I have chosen to write from their perspective. First Marge:

My name is Marge Willet. I am a divorcee and much rather stay that way since my husband  cheated on me twice. Instead of dating, I divulge on my energy into my writing. I never dress attractively because I don’t want to attract men. It is my decision, but for some reason I can’t seem to rid 3 men! They keep  bothering me and trying to get me to sign a two year contract all because I walk with a cane!  I am as mean as I can be but they keep coming back to me.  One time, I must have agreed  because I found myself in a mansion of a wealthy French man. Come  read what happens to me and how I got reunited with my Italian Lover!


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