The Writer’s Curse

As long as I can remember, I have always love to write. It was a way of escape for me because of my unhappy life. Long before my first book was published, I suffered a problem at night–restless mind. It was bad enough that my right leg would become severely restless, keeping me from sleeping at night, but if I am not careful and sometimes I am not, I would let my mind wonder. This happens most often if I allow myself to write before going to bed. My mind would want to continue to story as I try to sleep. Not a good idea and even trying to tell my mind to shut up or   think on other things, it would go right back to it. Oh the curse of it all!  I need to tell myself  to stop writing before going to bed, but I can not help it.  I am about like  Paul the apostle when he wrote about  struggling with sin.  “I do the things I do not want to do and don’t  do the things I want to do. What a  wretched man I am.”  I think Writing is about like  breathing to me, but maybe in time I will learn to control my thoughts.








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