Why I write Romance Stories

When  I was younger, I had a friend who once taught that reading Romance fiction was not acceptable for Christians to read. I can not remember  everything that was said, but it stuck with me and I stayed away from them too.  Well, here I am years later after we are friends no more and I am writing Love Stories. Why is that? It is not like I set out to do it because I know its wrong. I am not even an expert at Romance because truth be told, I never experience Romance. I have been single  and available  all my life, waiting for the right one to come.  Sure, I have come across some men  who try to win my heart only to find out they aren’t after  my heart, but my money (as if I had any) so why do I do it? Why?  It stems from a deep rooted desire to be loved by someone other than Jesus or God. Other than  by my family or friends. The desire stems from the need to be loved by a man who is after God’s own heart.  I was told that there are hardly any man who is in his forties and single so if that is the case, I will take one who is divorced(only if it because of his wife) or widowed. I will take one who is ten years younger to ten years older than me. Until then, I write.

I write then because to me it is like a wish fulfillment on paper. I know God is writing my love story but until then, I may end up being a  Romance Novelist.


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