God is Good

I don’t know why many Christians act like God wants us to be poor in health, body and spirit. Why would John write to Gaius and wish that for him if that wasn’t so? There are also Christians who thinks that God wants us to prosper only spiritually. If that is so, then we unbalanced Christians.  God is  a good God! He wants to do good to  his children just as our earthly father wants to do good  to us or for us.  Jesus  was speaking of the Holy Spirit when he said, “Which of you has a son who ask for bread and you give him a stone?” Then he goes on to say “If you who are evil give good gifts to your children, would  not God give you good gifts” (my paraphrase). Search the scripture and taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

He was good to em today and I am so awe if him that there are no words! I had prayed about what  to do with the money I have been  saving. I originally saved it to pay for upgrades (sorry wordpress) but one day I was at McDonald’s and it came to me  that I should buy a pet carrier  for my cat. Now, I wasn’t thinking at all  about saving up for that so it had to be the Lord! I have been needing one because in the future, I will be moving to Washington state. I was thinking I would pay around 35 dollars and I was prepared for it.

God’s goodness number1: As I paid for the carrier, she charged me less than I thought! I couldn’t believe it!  God must have reduced that price just for me because I didn’t see it listed for about 20 dollars! God is good!  As I was waiting for the bus I was floored. Why? Because in the past, I really did not want to take my cat with me. H ehas  give me problems and has been a disappointment. I believe God was saying to me: “Take him with you. I will even reduce the price so you can afford it. ” I know I did  not  let him down. I felt good about the purchase. When I came home, I showed  it to my cat. I don’t know if he knew what it was for, but I think he understood that I love him and I intend to take him with me. There was some bonding at time.

God’s Goodness Number 2: My sister is the motivator behind this because I thought I would never look online for a future husband. I am not getting younger and time is getting shorter and it seem that  maybe  online dating is the way to do it. I haven’t met anyone where I live that I am attracted to. I tried Single Friends Event but the majority of the members  are female. I  always say  my town  is very lacking. I searched dating sites, looking at reviews so that I don’t join the wrong and I found Christian Single.com which is verified by four business as a trusted website. I am going on faith here just as I went on faith that I will go to Washington soon just as God promised in 1995. I am acting on Faith that the right one will look at my profile after my “Visitor” status is  changed to VIP member.


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