Being Tired

Being tired may not sound like an interesting blog, but I must get it out. The Lord has given me such a  revelation of his Word that the devil tries to steal it. There are three ways he can do that and Jesus gives it in his parable: The Four Soils. You see the Word was sown in my heart that I am blessed!  I never felt blessed. I always thought being blessed means you  are doing well and I am not! No car, no job, no family. When I hear about the goodness the Lord has shown my friends, they are blessed!  “You never guess what? The pastor of my church gave us us a new car!” My response? “Blessed!” It made me think why can’t I be blessed like that?  I have been reading  Kenneth Copeland’s book called “The Blessing of The Lord” and it has opened my eyes!  I recommend every believer to read this book. You see, I went about it wrong and told God he was a liar when I say I am not blessed (not on purpose). I repented. Ken wrote that when we confess God’s word in our lives, we are giving something for  our angel to do. They can’t  work when we use words of  doubt and unbelief.  So when I read Galatians 3:9 which says we are blessed along with faithful Abraham, I agreed with the word and began to say “I am blessed!” Sure I don’t have the material things that I would like to have but it wont change the word. If the  Bible say you are blessed, then you are blessed, regardless of how you feel! I am giving Jesus  something to work with and Satan doesn’t like it. So what does he do? Tries to steal my sleep by  making my legs restless or kind or both. This has been going on since the revelation and I praise God! Thank you Jesus that the Blessing is working in my life!   I may be tired but I always try to get a good night sleep. I will not let the devil take the Word from me!Image


5 thoughts on “Being Tired”

  1. Amen!! I think we all tend to think of blessings as being tangible things like finances or material needs. But there are so many ways He blesses us every day!! I know exactly what you mean in this blog, Ruthie. Thanks for the great blog! 🙂

    1. It is not what I was getting at. I am talking about speaking Words of Faith! Yes I know he has blessed us in heaven;y places but if you look at the Blessings in Deuteronomy 28 that is for us! I am saying I say I am blessed not because what I have already. I know that I am doing better than some. I want the Blessing to work in my life, the Blessing that was Adam in the first place and later Abraham’s. We all have the Blessing because of Jesus, but not many are aware of it. When God made Adam he blessed him. You have to read the book if you are willing to know what I am talking about.

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