My Increased Faith

Today, I felt very much encouraged by what I have read.  I know I have been believing for   several things like God’s promise for me to return to Washington State, and  for other things to come to pass, but my faith got increased when I started to believe for more!   What is the more I am believing for?  I know I am blessed! I know that the Blessing of Abraham is mine because of Jesus Christ work on the cross!  I know that God wants me to succeed. His  Word says that without faith it is impossible to please God.  He wants us to ask for anything in his name in FAITH!  There will be those of you who will say, “Ruthie, that doesn’t mean you can use His name for your selfishness.”  I am not selfish! I want to do all for his glory!  He has called me to write books and he has called me to be a teacher. He also knows I can’t do it on my own.  He knows my heart desires for he has given them to me. So as I read “The Blessing of The Lord”, I was encouraged to go ahead and believe for greater things. As I said, “I am believing for  God to provide all the books I need for  a book signing,” I got stirred up!   As I said, “I am believing God that I will be interviewed on the news about my book,” I got stirred up. If God  told Abraham that he will make his name great which he did, why couldn’t he make my name great? He did’n’t create me to be an average author.  You never read in the Bible people doing average work for the Lord.

Grant it that you may be thinking that my stories  are far from doing God’s work but God did not give  me the ability to write for nothing.  He has  blessed  many authors’ work. He has blessed other people’s work. One of the verses in Deuteronomy 28 states that we shall be blessed in our kneading basket and in our trough. That is work! I believe he will bless the work of my hands! (I believe there is a verse in the Psalms that  ask God to Bless the work of our hands).

I am believing God  for other things. I believe he wants us  to have the best, but you believe  what you want.


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