Dating.. sort of


 About a week ago, I joined a dating site called Christian  Something I never thought I would do but this time I paid for membership and expect to get the most of the  money I paid for.  I was remembering a dear sweet friend I met a few years ago at Christiannet. His name is Richard. Richard is an Archaeology professor in Alabama but we had so many things in common that I had hope he was the one. However, 3 months later he stopped writing me and I have missed him. I haven’t met anyone like him since then.  The men I have met online turned out to be mostly scam artists. So I thought: Why bother?
My sister got me interested again by talking about it. I did some researching and looked at reviews for dating sites and I found nothing negative at Shortly before my membership was approved, I began  getting letters from a few men. One just likes to wink at me which i found annoying so I blocked him.  There was one that I am interested in and eh lives in Ohio. Like Richard, he is a busy man. I like that because it shows he is not waiting at the computer waiting for me to come online like the others. I am hoping it will work out. I haven’t gotten many more letters but I will wait and not rush into it.
I remember a post on  my facebook page about when you find the right one, Satan will try to throw you off track by sending you counterfeit so I am keeping my eyes open.


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