Marge began with pencil and paper back in the early 2000s.  I did not have a computer back then  because my father would not let us have one, but I could afford paper and pencils so I wrote.  Stories were a way of escape. I have come to realize that many of it were either based on  how I was feeling at that time or  my wish fulfillment. I had a desire to become an author, My grandmother was one and I  heard on a  program that sometimes the talent skips a generation. It did with me. My father once said he writes but it was all technical. Marge was one of the many stories that stuck with me and I wrote many versions of that story.  It was until after my father passed that I was able to have a computer and soon after I made friends on MySpace and FaceBook  that I shared sections of my  story with an author friend. Se encouraged me to get it published and I did!

I have  updated my status that my book is out, I have posted a link on my wall and hope that you would support me, but as far as I  know not one of you have. You show interest but  do nothing about it. I am not going to be a one time author. I have made known to all of you what I am by changing my name on FB. So does this mean you don’t like romance?Image


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