Now What?

Back in the days when I was only able to write on paper I never thought I would  have my stories published.  It was actually a dream and years later it has come to pass. I still have big dreams. Dreams to become a best selling author. Doesn’t everyone?  But it seems like that without the Lord’s involvement, I will just be an…author. Sigh.  I received a message on Facebook from another author who saw my post and she let me have it in a  nutshell: My books are too costly for a reason–PublishAmerica only want to sell my books to me like I have  a money tree and I can afford the shipping cost. I don’t. Much of my dependency will come from the Lord because there is no way all my friends plus their friends will want to order my book at 24.95. Thanks alot, PA. I wish I never listen to a friend who says she highly recommend you. It will have to be through the Blessing of Abraham for my book to become  a best seller.  The question now is “Now what?” 

I am middle of looking for someone to publsih my second romance and receiving that  message from another author almost makes me think “Why bother?”  I posted in a group I belong in and someone says “Get an editor” like I can afford that.  These are the times I wish I can publish y own books but using a self publishing Company  is  not really that–they are a vanity press and self publishing  cost too.  The Lord is more than able  so I will ask for my won publishing company or for the money to come in because there are no jobs for me here. 


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