This is my cat Harry in the back… well was. You see, he passed away at a very young age. He didn’t  die of any natural causes because he was healthy. No, his life was taken from him when someone in a car (and this is what I believed) decided to run him over. I say that because our street is not a busy street.  It happened on October 27, 2005 but at what time I could not say. I was not in the know because people let me sleep. My father had a premonition( He is the one who says that those  kittens were his), but he did not act on it. Mainly because the spirits in him kept  him from doing do.  My mother is usually up when Harry comes home from his nightly activities so when he did not return home, she did not bother to tell me. She told my sister instead, These things did hurt but I have forgiven them, even father who is now and has been deceased.  But it does not make the hurt go away. When Harry died, a part of me died too. It was like losing your baby.
I have another cat (the one in the front) and since his youth, he has been having problems  because of the spirits in my father. I had many heartaches dealing with Henry but since my father’s passing, he has slowly improved except in one area–his insensitivity.  My heart has been aching and crying out because of the waits and delays and set backs in my life. I have found out that anyone who has their book published by publishers like mine, wont have their books on the best sellers list. People do not want to order books listed as 24.95 and it is too high. Only a handful of friends has bought it. They do that because they want the authors to buy their books in bulk so they offer then low discounts yet still have to pay a high S&H. I also have not heard from the local media either, but I am not giving up. It is just hard. I know it is a faith battle and I am  tired and weary soldier like the warrior in Twilight Paris song. I am also tired of fighting another battle–the battle of my legs. It has been a long time I had to deal with severe restlessness in my legs and  now it has returned!  Something is going on in the unseen which I do not know. I do know one thing and that is I desire GREATLY to return to Washington State. My heart has also been crying out for that. Today, as I cried out my heart, my cat Henry came out. I thought maybe he would sense something was wrong, but instead, he had something to eat, look out my window then left. No sensitivity at all. That was when more tears came.  I wished him back, but I know he can not come back. All I can do is hope for my future cats to come to me. I never had a cat to help me heal.





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