Getting Published

I finished my second story to send. Actually my third but I have put aside my second for later.  All I need is a publisher or maybe an agent. As you  already may know, Publish America is not one of them after I have  realized and found out they do not guarantee my success. Actually Jesus does, but that besides the point.  The point (which may be blunt or sharp depending on what the reader think) is who will do it? I don’t want some unknown publisher with lots of red flags to publish it yet those who  have none, are very particular about what they published. Kind of like getting a job, don’t you think? Think about it:  If someone  is desperate for money. they might do things that risk them getting caught. Perhaps they feel that no one wants to hire them so they lower themselves and commit crimes. Here is another scenario: Suppose you went to college to get a degree in liberal studies and you get your certificate or credentials then you find out that there are no teaching jobs available however you can get a job flipping burgers. You can not be a successful teacher flipping burgers nor can you become one if you are a teacher’s assistant. Finding a  publisher is the same way.  True, I got my foot in the door and signed a ten years contract which means “I can not submit Marge to another publisher” but my book will not become a success on its own because  they put too high of a price on the book hoping that the authors will take advantage of the discounts offered to them.

So where do I look? A friend suggested that I, an unemployed no income author hire an editor to look at my latest story. Okay, so where will the money come from? I am believing for supernatural increase and favor. God is already working in my favor and I believe that someday I will amaze my friends who also has their books published at PA that my book has become a best seller without anyone’s help. So if hiring an editor is what I need to do then God will have to supply the finances just like he is for my book signing.Image


One thought on “Getting Published”

  1. I appreciate what you said but please know that not everyone can afford an editor and Ia m pretty sure two of my author friends did not use one either. As I told you I will ask a friend to proofread for me. The purpose of my blog was not to invite suggestions or advice but to give people a glimpse of my world. Since I am an author, I thought it would be a chance for them to know me through my blog and to show my human side. to show that we all have struggles but that we don’t give up. I like what Paul said in 2 Corinthians when he wrote about being hard pressed, persecuted and struck down. Isn’t it great to know that in all our struggles that Jesus is right there to help us when we need it?

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