Sleepless Night

We all know that sleep is important. God has created  us to need sleep. Our bodies gets warned out and we need to be renewed and refreshed in the morning. Satan also knows we need sleep and he desires nothing more than to rob of us it. In the years when my father was alive, I struggled with it many times.  My left leg would become severely attacked with restlessness that nothing can cure it but deliverance. However, as I found by reading “Intercessory Prayer” By Dutch Sheets, is that, I needed some strong intercessors to “lay on” them  my need To “stake” themselves to me and to “carry away” my weakness or burden(Page 70)  I was going to a church that had  strong intercessors or so I thought but when I ask for prayer I got no deliverance. If I would have known this back in the early 2000, I could have asked some people to do just that.  My sister prays for me all the time and prays over my leg but  it wasn’t enough.

I still need strong intercessors. Although not as severe, my left leg would get attacked from time to time. Sometimes prayers work and sometimes just by laying by my sister, but not all the the time. I still suffer with it and  now have been sleeping less than 7 hours a night on average.  I like this verse: My Grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness. I know that God will help me  when I need strength to make it through the day. he will give me the  grace that I need. My other leg is just a  physical problem and I can take measures to prevent it.Image


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