Put on Hold or Discouraged?

I value the opinion of my friends, esp those who are authors themselves but when someone says something I should do before submitting my next story. I usually  weigh it in. Nothing is cheap and I do not work. It is not that I do not want to it is because I haven’t found one yet. I put in my resumes online to two places. You see what THEY suggested is rather expensive or unavailable: Have an editor look at my manuscript  or have someone to proofread my story. Those two options seems to be out of reach right now until I was told about Dictionary.com. I went there and thought it said 19.99. I knew I could afford that because I had some money saved up! Suddenly there was hope! However as I went to pay for the use of their editorial services, I saw it said, 34.99. I thought “What? I thought it said 19.99!” You can imagine how discourage I was and I was back to having my story put on hold.  I need someone to proofread it but two I have in mind  either lives out of town or I hardly see the other one. The answer to my question is both, but I will not give up.


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