Over the course of time on Facebook I have seen many wall posts about Friends and friendship. To me, a true friend is someone who is like you in every way. I am not saying you have to be twins, but you don’t want a friend who is going to criticize  your choices.  It is true that it is written in the Bible, “As iron sharpens Iron so does a man to his friend” (My translation)  If a friend is going to help you grow in their faith, you must also understand their faith. If you are a Catholic, you don’t want your friend to put down your faith.  I know someone  who did that to my sister but it wasn’t Catholic versus Pentecostal. It was Methodist Versus  a style of preaching.  My sister does not need her “best friend” to tell her who is false and who is not. She is of a different faith than her. If you are going to  be a best friend, you support them and trust that the Lord will help them to see the error of their ways.  I have friends who has also hurt me in the past in the same way, but I never put down their faith. I may their choice of candidates, but if they want to believe that God wants them poor all their lives, let them, but I WILL NOT HAVE my friends to poison my mind with their unbelief.  Their unbelief is that God wants them to prosper! Just because they don’t see it happen around them or in their life does not mean  God  does not want them to prosper. That is looking at their circumstances. They are basing what they see on what they think is  true or not. That is not faith.
I am glad I find  what people  are like before I meet them. I remember I used to have a friend who was a Methodist  when I met her. At that time I was a Baptist and it didn’t matter what faith she was because later we both became spirit filled and attended a nondenominational  church together until after she moved.  This friend never had enough faith to believe in my dreams. I remember I had a  dream one night that I was to take my bike through a dark tunnel or stairway. She refused to go with me. Why? Because the darkness represent uncertainty.  Faith is the evidence of things UNSEEN. After awhile, after she had moved, I realized  she was back to her old self. She even had given up on her own dreams.

This post was written on my behalf and  for my sisterImage


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