Saying What God Says You Are

In the early part of my career, I started saying “I am best selling author.” because I had to speak  words of Life over my life and not  death. I  believe that there is no such thing as failure in God’s eyes because  he created me in His image!  It is the same for you or anyone else. Satan would  love to have  us look at our circumstances. He would  put doubts in your mind and sometimes he will use people to do it.  The very  first time this happened in the Bible(but not using people) was the garden of Eden.  God told  Adam that he could not  eat from the tree  of the knowledge of good  and evil. What did he say? What he says to all of us” “Did God really say..?”  As long as Satan can  cause us to doubt,  we have heeded his voice and already acted upon it. “Hmm, may I am not after all.”

One of my favorite examples is Abraham and although it is not written, we can imagine we must have gone through. There weren’t many people who had the same kind of faith he had. They were mostly idol worshipers yet God changed Abram’s name to Abraham meaning the Father of Many Nations.   In the book of Roman’s chapter 4 it  is written: “…who contrary to hope in hope believed so that he became the  father of many nations, according to what was  spoken, ‘So shall your descendants be.’  And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body(He  did not look at his circumstances), already dead(since eh was about 100 years old and the deadness of  Sarah’s womb. He did not waiver at the promise of God through unbelief, but  was strengthen in faith, giving glory to God, and being FULLY CONVINCED that what He had promised He was  also able to perform.”  Those are awesome verses for us to apply to ourselves. Recently I lost  hold of those verses as I  almost faltered in my faith. I began to think that maybe I wont become a best selling author until God reminded me of Abraham.  Now I am not saying I will become one  over night because Abraham did not become one over night either, but if he waiver in Faith, it may  not have happened. GImage


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