Online Dating

It has come to my thinking that maybe online dating is not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving up entirely and I still have a few months left. It was all great in the beginning for men began to notice my profile and sent me a message…then it stopped. I looked at a  blog at  and  one person seems to feel the same way as me. Another  thinks the  website is a fake. Whatever  it is, I took a step of faith and paid for a year of membership. I know there are other places to meet men but it is not very likely where I live. Recently  found out that  my favorite church has no singles group for 40 something. And if I have to wait til I move to WA. for him to find me.. oh well.  Time is getting short and I know there will only be one marriage in Heaven so I would like to have one on earth before Jesus comes again. I dream of being a wife and a mother for so long. This is why I am trying dating websites and yes I am careful. I have been hit by scam artists before so I know what to look for. One of the bloggers at said she noticed that those who wrote her didn’t know how to spell or have good English. Perhaps that is why this other person feels that is a fake, but scam artists are everywhere. No matter where you go, it seems they are even willing to be a “match” at matching websites.  Image


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