Forbidden Love

What is forbidden love?  Forbidden love is when two people love each other when they shouldn’t. There are reasons to why this is so: The two people in love have  families who are enemies of each other as in Romeo and Juliet. Or each are involved in rival gangs such as West Side Story. However in Marge, it is slightly different.

When Marge was 18 years old, her parents sent her and her twin brother to Italy as a graduation gift. There Marge fell in love with this handsome man named Carliano, who was a few years older than her. This love is forbidden because Marge was a good girl from a middle class family(almost middle class) while Carliano was a poor boy with a bad ass brother.  Both fell in love even though it would not last. Marge had only a week in Italy and her brother was determine  to keep them apart.

15 years later, Marge changed. If Carliano was still see her as she is now, he would not recognize her. She was plain and crippled and also cynical due to how men treated  her in the past. She also put on some weight.  Marge was about to meet her past unknown to her and unknown him he was about to meet her. Although her name stayed the same(except her last name) his name was Carter. There was one thing that stood in the way of Marge and Carliano reuniting and that was Donavan Tradeau.

Donavan hired his three men to bring her to his estate so he can transform her. He was wealthy and  had all the means to do it  He presents a contract for two years in hopes that Marge will sign it, but it takes some effort because of her cynicism.  Donavan is also in love with her. His desire is not only to  make her beautiful again and  able to walk but to make her his wife.  This last wish of his fails. Although  while she is in process of becoming beautiful, he also tore down the wall she put up and exposed a more vulnerable young lady–one with whom Carter is slowly falling in love with and asking himself: Is she my Marge from 15 years ago?

Against his contract, Carter can not have romantic interests in any of the  ladies during transformation. This creates a problem because both Marge and Carter discover that they were once lovers from long ago and because of the contract,  their love has become forbidden.


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