Online Dating

There has been a lot of opinions about this subject.  When you tell your friends, “Hey! I met someone online, the number one and most popular comment is: “Be careful.”  And why is that? Because they heard that there are people not to be trusted at those sites. Yes, it is good to be careful. You definitely do not want to give your heart away too soon now would you? After all these scam artists are good at saying the right things. They figure you must be lonely and desperate for love so it should be easy to win your heart. But what if you have been through it countless of times and manage not to be scammed by these people?  I have been careful and maybe too careful.  After the countless of times I have been lied to not because they were scam artists, but control freaks and pervs. Yes, there are all kinds of people out there, but I personally believe you can actually meet someone who is not all three.  I have some friends who met them at websites like eharmony or  I have other friends who met someone at other websites too so it can’t be all bad now can it?

There is a  saying that  goes like this: “What is good for the goose may not neccesarily be good for the gander” and that is true with online dating. It may work for some but not for others. I seem to fall into the category of the gander. While my sister finally found someone who seems to be a genuine bona fide seeker of love and not of treasure, I get emails from the other kind.  Maybe I should give up and remove myself from those places and  just be an old maid. Maybe all  the good ones are already taken. Or I can  keep on waiting and hoping that the right one will cross  my path. He may just be in Washington State where I will be someday but that seems to be a longs way off.

Now please before you comment, Ia m not asking for your pity or for your advice or anything.  I am writing like it is.  It is in God’s hands and he knows my heart.


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