Ode to You Part Deux

I told you how I feel

I did not want to let go

But in my heart

I knew I had to.

It was something you said

or in the way you write

that gave me no peace at all.

Why can’t you let go?

Do I have anything I can offer 


Is there some vain hope

that love will blind me still?

I did love you once.

You said something that

stirred my heart so

but when I saw for who

you were

I had to say goodbye

Now you plead me to stay

and hope  that I will

open up my heart

to you again,

but it is too late.Image


Finding Love Online

There is nothing wrong with dating online. Some of us do it because there are no other options.  I attend  a church where there is no single’s ministry and most of the people in my age bracket, all are married.  I have also heard stories of people who met online then they marry so if you sign up at dating websites, do so, but proceed with caution. There are people out there who prey on both men and women. They want your money. They create a fake profile, use photos that do not belong to them. Once you make contact with someone online, check them out! Here are a few signs to be aware of:

1) Check their writing skills.  Even on their profile, you can actually see if they are intelligent or not. They do not use  uppercase “I”s or they will leave it out and you will see “am this or am that”  a lot.  Scam artists do not know how to spell and constantly will use the lower case “i“s

2. Once you get their email address  or full name check them out at Spokeo.com. If you use any social networks, do a search. I met  a man  who says his name is Marcello Peterson Nesta, but his email was completely different so I searched him by his email name and found out he is actually from Ghana and that Nesta is not his last name (It belongs to a  soccer player he likes).

You can also check other websites like RomanceScams.com, scamomatic.com, but the main thing is research before you give your heart away.

These people prey on  on your weaknesses. They make promises they don’t intend to keep. They say all the right things like : “I love you” Be weary of that. All relationships should begin as friendship and  they say that after  a couple  chat sessions or emails.

They will ask you if they could leave the website and  communicate through email or chat. They will also ask you to leave the dating website too. (They have found their victim)


Romance and all–Italian men

I am a romance author but you might as well call me a hopeless romantic. In my first book which is about to be redone and revamped, one of the characters is an Italian Man named Carter. He is 100% Italian–born and raised in Italy but moved to  the States in his late twenties. While in Italy Marge meets him and falls in love. 15 years later they meet again but do they recognize each other?  During that time he works for a French man named Donavan Tradeau who is  into making women beautiful and able to walk.

I came across a website as I was looking for photos of another Italian. It is called Italianrus.com and the article was called: Why Women Loves Italian Men. I am blushingat  this moment because I have one interested in me.  I know  knew a little about the Italian men but this article gives me insight into what they are like. In Marge, Carter is repulsed by ugly women. I may have to change that because they love all women no matter what they look like.  I can tell you as I read that article, I fell more in love with Marcelo. I am not some beautiful women a man can desire, but I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I love Marcelo. He chose me and he was able to look past my flaws. As I write this, I miss him. I haven’t heard from him since yesterday morning.  I pray that he is the real deal


My second book is out and available at online bookstores and soon at your local bookstores!  What exactly is Past Hunter about? You ask.

It is a story about a young lady who thought she was over her ex boyfriend. They were close to becoming engaged until she saw  him bringing home a body wrapped in  a carpet.  Fearing he may be involved in a  crime, she left Montana and moved to California. Julie is a Christian, but before her move, her relationship with Jesus was not as it should be until after she moved. Past Hunter is a Christian Romance.