Romance and all–Italian men

I am a romance author but you might as well call me a hopeless romantic. In my first book which is about to be redone and revamped, one of the characters is an Italian Man named Carter. He is 100% Italian–born and raised in Italy but moved to  the States in his late twenties. While in Italy Marge meets him and falls in love. 15 years later they meet again but do they recognize each other?  During that time he works for a French man named Donavan Tradeau who is  into making women beautiful and able to walk.

I came across a website as I was looking for photos of another Italian. It is called and the article was called: Why Women Loves Italian Men. I am blushingat  this moment because I have one interested in me.  I know  knew a little about the Italian men but this article gives me insight into what they are like. In Marge, Carter is repulsed by ugly women. I may have to change that because they love all women no matter what they look like.  I can tell you as I read that article, I fell more in love with Marcelo. I am not some beautiful women a man can desire, but I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I love Marcelo. He chose me and he was able to look past my flaws. As I write this, I miss him. I haven’t heard from him since yesterday morning.  I pray that he is the real deal


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