Friendship–The Love of Friends

Normally I write about Romance, but today I feel inspired to write about a different kind of   love. The Greek calls it phileo or brotherly love.  It can also be the love between friends. I have one special friend, but we would not be friends if my sister and I were not on Myspace.  I was looking for some friends with whom I have  some things in common and she found someone who also loves Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant.  Her name is Michele.  I have found out later in life we also share the same talent– writing. Although we met at another social network, we continued our friendship on Facebook. I am not on Myspace anymore, so it is a good thing. Michele has always been there for me even when I am upset with her  In her book, Against All Odds, she is very much like Chandra.  Chandra has a friend who was involved in a horrible car accident and ended up in  a motorized wheelchair.    Chandra was there for her nevertheless in spite how she treated her. Most people  don’t have friends like that. They probably hate self pity and don’t want to be around like that, but a true friend is there for you no matter what!  Michele and I may not be best friends for a long time or at all for she had done at one time, but I am there for her and she has always been there for me.  She is my “Chandra.” and I hope I am her “Chandra”. I remember what she told me  about her former best friend and that is no friend at all. I know she has another best friend and I will not take that away from her.  I am just glad that she is my friend.images (1)


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