Hope For Me


Recently I was getting discouraged and thought maybe I should just throw out  “The Butterfly and the Cocoon. It would have been my  second rewrite  of Marge, but I was taking the suggestion of another writer. I often  heard you should “show” and not “tell” but not using “is or “was” so much?  Ever since then, I looked at what I wrote and frustration sets in. How do I replace my “to be” verbs  with something better? Well my book not sell just because I use “to be” verbs? Then I started reading “She Belongs To Me” By Carmen DeSouza. I would like to meet her (Or him) and thank him!  Why? Because the writer used “to be” verbs and in my opinion, I like the book so far! Maybe I am different, but I see nothing wrong with  “to be” verbs. It is not like  it will be like that  in every  sentence, but I should write what comes  naturally to me.  I have made writing so hard because I listen to people when I should listen to my instincts instead.


Thank you, Carmen!

NOTE TO FELLOW BLOGGERS: Because it shows no photo and no title when I post to Facebook I have deleted the old after I copied the blog. This is same one



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