An Excerpt from The Past Hunter



 A Sense of Danger?

Julie woke up one morning and began to feel not right yet she couldn’t shake it. This was not the first time it had happened and she was able to shake the bad feeling she had before that day. “Lord, what is it? Why can’t I shake it?”  Sensing in her spirit to call in sick, she reached for the phone she had on her bed-stand and called in sick. “Hi, I don’t feel well, so I will be staying home.”   Her employer understood she wasn’t feeling well and allowed her to do so.

Julie changed into some comfortable clothing before she began with housework. Maybe keeping herself busy would help get her mind off that feeling she had upon waking up.  After all, she believed she was under God’s protection. What harm could come to her?  As she was cleaning the floor, the feeling of unease seems to be stronger with each move she made.  She sat in a chair and began to envision a man with a gun coming towards her house.  The words, “Get out!” came to her mind.  She grabbed her purse and ran like a bat out of hell.




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