She Belongs To Me–REVIEW and Book Spoltlight

Carmen DeSouza wrote a really exceptional Romantic Suspense book called She Belongs To Me. The Title Suggests that is about someone who is possessive of a woman, but it is much more than that. The book begins about some years after  Jaynee’s marriage to Jordan. They have been in a fight, and Jordan had been drinking Jordan wondered where his wife went and looked for only to find her unconscious on the floor. Now he question is: Did she kill herself(Because a gun  was found near her)? Or who did this to her?

Carmen does not just focus on the present, but the past leading you up to the present. She introduces you to people who could have motive to kill Jaynee, including her ex boyfriend.

If you love Romantic Suspense, you will love She Belongs To Me. I already gave her book  a 5 star rating.


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