The Love Curse Book Review

I am sorry to say that I am unable to give this book a  great review.  When I started out reading it, I had no idea what I got myself into. The book offends my Christian faith. I understand that as my friends says it is a work of fiction, but I am careful of what I allow my eyes to see. Occasionally it doesn’t bother me if  someone uses profanity as long as it is not often.  I also understand that the author comes from a different background than me.  I don’t expect her to write Christian fiction because she is not one.

The Love Curse is a story about this family of witches. At first, I thought the two teenage girls were unrelated until I  got into the book more. One  takes place in the late 50’s while the other about 50 years later , so I gather that the two girls are related from that. There is a curse put upon this witch’s  family because of a deal made with a  wood sprite.  If any witch falls in love and hopes to marry,  her boyfriend or fiance’  is cursed to die.

It is not the foul  language that bothers me but the book is filled with scenes of the girls using their powers or practicing witchcraft. It also shows that these girls have premarital sex. As I said, the author may be raised to believe that there is nothing wrong with that and we both have views and beliefs that are contrasting from each other so I respect that. I just would not recommend anyone who is a Christian to read the book. If  you are into that sort of thing, fine, but I am not.



One thought on “The Love Curse Book Review”

  1. I think you reviewed this book as honest as you can without offending the author. I agree that not everyone will like another authors books, due to the story plots, the genres, or even the background or religious beliefs. But I am glad that you took my advice and was honest in your review. Honesty is always the best thing any person could give. Good job! 🙂

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