Christian Romance

Long before I became an author, I thought along the same line as my former friend. I thought that Christians shouldn’t read Romance, but what do I do if God inspires me to write Christian Romance?  I absolutely believe that God is the  Author of romance. He is even the matchmaker of Bible times. Read through the early part of Genesis and see for yourself! He created male and female and from then on you have Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekkah, Jacob and his two wives(Although God doesn’t  condone bigamy, he allowed this. You have to read why).

I have a few friends who have taken what God had instituted and men have perverted: homosexual marriage or marriage of same sex. Not one of those people  have read God’s judgement on Sodom and Gommorah (That is another subject).

Here is the link I am  writing this blog in response to:

Just like some of my writing friends find nothing wrong with reading J.K Rowlings books (Harry Potter), or writing and or reading Sci Fi or  ghost stories, I find nothing wrong with reading Christian Romance. The author of that post wrote that that she was 11 years old. Now this is my argument: No one  should read any kind of Romance at that age!  For me, it should be for adults for only.

As I said,  I write Romance, but you will find nothing Erotic about my books.  If there is anything premarital in my books, it is because it is not exactly Christian Romance– it is mainstream romance (The main character is not a Christian in the beginning), If there is any extramarital Romance, it is only to show the dangers of having affairs. I do not condone adultery at all.

So judge for yourselves. I do not compare myself to other authors. I could never write as they do. Image


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