Back in 2011, I made a bad  decision — I published  my first book, my baby  “Marge” with PublishAmerica.

I was a new author (Still am and learning the ropes) and  unfortunately I didn’t check for grammar and spelling mistakes. However, they were no better: they overcharged my books; It didn’t sell.

I wrote a blog once about wanting to redeem myself. I was told since they own the rights I couldn’t republish elsewhere so I made some changes so that “A Second Chance at Love” is not an exact replica of “Marge”.

Although, I now own the rights to “Marge”, I kept the improvements I made and hired an editor to make  suggestions, corrections to my manuscript so it would not  be flawed like Marge.

When Marge  was published, it wasn’t available as an e-book and many people preferred to download the ebooks  and not pay for an actual paperback. Now My remake is not only a paperback, but  an e-book as well.  I poured in many hours  getting the format right, but after a couple of days, I completed it and submitted it for review.

A Second Chance At Love is now available for download at for $7.99. The paperback will soon be available at online book stores (except e-store which has been available since Thursday)Offic book



  1. Your blog affected me. I understand the heart and soul you poured into your book. To have a publisher rob you of the thrill that authors experience when their book is published, is horrifying. I am happy you regained your rights to the book. I wish you the very best and will look for your book. The best of luck! Katie

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