Showing Kindness

If you are like me, any act of kindness is appreciated. You are a new author and all you have is your computer, a printer and hopefully a Word program. You know you can write, but when it comes to making a cover design for your book, you are lost!  Also you find you need to hire a professional editor! Easier said than done. Grant it some of us have day jobs that can help fund your writing projects, the rest of us doesn’t have any source of income!

I am In a group of Facebook. The discussion has come up about how much we should charge people for our services. Apparently some of the members never think about doing an act of kindness. After all says one writer, “It is their livelihood.”  In other words it is their job. So we need to earn income one way or other. I guess they pay taxes on what they make form their art work. They don’t have any job but making cover designs. It is their livelihood. That tells me two things: Don’t ask them to design one for free even if they are your friend and look elsewhere.

The world are full of benefactors. There are people who knows they will be blessed because they helped another person. They know that God is their source and not the author who ask them to design a cover.

As for professional editors, I fully understand. In fact, I am paying one right now for editing my manuscript. I have one month to go. I have learned one thing and that is, I may take a long break. I can’t afford to hire her or anyone else again. I only get so much a month and who is willing to professionally edit my manuscript for nothing or next to nothing.  If that is the way it is going to be, I will just write for nothing. No one will read what I write and guess who misses out? My fans (that is if I have any). Besides I learn that my royalties aren’t my source. No one is buying my books or downloading them but time will tell. Both books were out last month so I will wait.Image


2 thoughts on “Showing Kindness”

  1. Ruthie, my day job is in copy editing. I would be happy to proofing grammar and sentence syntax, without interjecting my own words.
    No charge–just an offer to help, if need be! Take care!

    1. Hope, I had no idea that was your job (or is your job!) I will surely contact you because I have a couple of stories I am working on and one of them I don’t want my author friends to read until it is published.

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