A SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE–A character’s Story

Hi. My name is Marge. Earlier in my life I met an Italian named Carliano. We both hit it off well and hope to keep in touch.   Since I was only vacationing. I hoped that something positive would come out of our long distance relationship. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and it was the start of a slow change of events for me.

After I returned home, I went to college to major in journalism. A year later, I experienced pain in my right leg and as a result became crippled. It seemed that one bad thing after another has happened. I never heard from Carliano and I just decided maybe dating wasn’t for me. I was beautiful in spite of my disability, but I just didn’t want to date anyone.

My sister Crystal wanted me to go back into dating so I did. She took me to a singles night at a bowling alley where I met Bruce. Bruce really wasn’t my type, but I gave him a chance.   We were physically attracted to each other and a year later we married.

After being married two years, he cheated on me, twice. I no longer trusted men and became cynical. Since I wrote for Wilmar Times, I used my cynicism to write commentaries. It became a popular item on the paper. I never thought I would lose my cynicism.

Read more about me in A Second Chance at Love.Image


My book is available at Amazon.com and Createspace.com


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