Book Spotlight for The Starlight Chronicles by C.S. Johnson


C. S. Johnson

The Starlight Chronicles: Slumbering

ISBN-10: 1449779123

ISBN-13: 978-1449779122

Publisher: WestBow Press

 Softcover: 206 pages

Also available in Hardcover and ebook formats.


           What happens when you are confronted by an uncomfortable truth that defies logic? The kind that calls for a change you’re not willing to make?The Starlight Chronicles: Slumbering is the first book in an epic young adult series. Hamilton Dinger is not an average 16-year-old boy. He stands at the top of his class in academics and athletics, as well as being a top notch Tetris player. Charismatic and friendly, he is adored by the entire school. Everything seems to be going along perfectly as he enters 10th grade, until a meteor crashes into the city unleashing a whirlwind of supernatural destruction, prompting a reluctant Hamilton to step up to be a hero.

            With his newly awakened powers unleashed, Hamilton must now wage war on evil while attending the homecoming game, the school play and studying for the history test. Can he overcome his ignorance and narrow-mindedness to see what is truly real? Can he give up his self-proclaimed entitlement to happiness in order to follow the call of a duty he doesn’t  want? More importantly, will he willingly sacrifice all he has to find out the truth?

            When asked about the most unique thing about her novel, Johnson insists that it is a combination of genre and character. “There are so many genres that it would fit in comfortably. It is a young adult novel, with themes of coming of age, making choices, and dealing with unpleasant aspects of emerging adulthood. It is also a spiritual fantasy, evoking the supernatural instruction and taking the characters off to new lands and new ideas not born of this world. My favorite is that it is actually an epic, following the hero’s journey.” When asked about her characters, Johnson laughs. “I love my characters, especially my protagonists. They are the people I am, who I know, and who I wish I could be, all at the same time. It’s an interesting mix.” She further adds, “People should buy the book because it has everything in it they could really want. True love, danger, adventure, superheroes and supernatural power, mythological creatures, friendship, loyalty, conspiracy theories, and loads of satire – some of it might take some digging past all the joking, but it’s there!”

            The Starlight Chronicles: Slumbering (Book 1 of the Starlight series) can be found at,,, and

The second book in the series, Calling, is currently in the editing process. Johnson is also releasing an interim short story for the Starlight series in an anthology she and her friends at Southern New Hampshire University, where Johnson is currently working toward her MA in English and Creative Writing, are releasing in hopes of raising money for Sandy Hook. “We wanted to do a collection of stories that reminds us of the good in people. People – in the loose fantasy sense of the word – are both born heroes and able to become them,” Johnson says. “Patrick Donovan, an author with Fable Press, headed the project and is doing a lot of the editing for us. He is promising us a release date soon. We are all excited and honored to give back through our writing.”

            To keep up with Johnson and her work, you can find her at (for her book), (for her blog), and Twitter @C_S_Johnson13 (for fun). If you like the novel, please leave a review!





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