The Path Less Traveled (Trusting God)



Recently, I finished a book about a woman who just lost her husband and wanted to prove to people that she didn’t need anyone’s help–She got tired of being rescued.  This woman met a man named Andy. He wanted to help her not because he had to but because of love Eventually she accepted his help. There is a theme or message spread throughout the book: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not your own understanding.”

Trust is hard. we want to do things on our own or we don’t know which direction to take. The main character seems to have one bad luck after and she thought She was trusting the Lord to  move her to another city. Sometimes we think what the Lord has for us is not from Him. How can we trust when all hell breaks loose?

In my own life, I have experienced this.  My mother’s bank account is low and we wonder if we will have enough food until payday. Recalling past experiences, I ask God to come through for us and he did. However, we found out that my mom owes bank money for overdraft fee. I cry out to God, “How can this happen? You bless us and part of the blessing is gone!”  Once again, it is the issue of trust. How do we trust him when hard times hit us? I plead him to have mercy, relying on what he has done and once again he has come through for us! God is merciful!

It does not end there. I have come across bad news myself. Many will say I don’t need it, but let me give you a little background information:
I have been out of work for 15 years. I am under qualified to teach and over qualify to be an aide. I have experience working with food, but as I applied for positions in that industry, no one hires. On top of that, my circumstances did not allow me to work. I believe that God has closed the doors.

God allowed me to have some govt’l help for three months until I blew it, but I was given a second chance. Now the govt tells me I will not be getting any help in paying for food and I just had a hysterectomy over a month ago. This doesn’t seem fair!  I am still recovering. I can’t  do any work that requires standing  because after a time my back will ache. My insides still needs to be healed completely. So wants to hire an out of work woman who had a hysterectomy? This is where I need to trust God to take care of me. He knows my needs and he will not be stingy.


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