Giving Thanks

This year has been  great year so far. With all that has happened to me, I can see God working in my life! He has come through for me!

It began in February when I wanted to apply for a job. I picked up an application and saw it asked for my last physical. It has been ages and I knew I would need one. I just wish I needed one sooner.

Some might think I would not be thankful for a tumor. I wasn’t. I hated the bulge in my uterus and it has caused me so many health problems, but as Paul wrote,  that we should give thanks IN our circumstances! I was. I thanked god for coming through for me when I couldn’t afford the surgery–He has provided. I am thankful for a doctor who is caring and understanding and has given me something I never had: a doctor/patient relationship. I knew when my regular doctor assigned me to him, it was because eh was one of the doctors who is a provider of County Medical Service Program. Initially I had hoped for a female gynecologist, but God placed me with a male one.

I don’t have to be grateful for losing my Uterus but I can be thankful that all those symptoms are gone and I look a little flatter. Besides, God is going to give me a new uterus. I just have to believe. He gave me his word in the scriptures (Psalm113:9) and confirmed it through two others. (Every matter should be established through 2 or 3 witnesses) These two others didn’t know God gave me His word.

So this is my thanks. I know when Thanksgiving comes, I have a lot more to be thankful for.Image


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