Romance Roundup–The Best of 2013

Please click on this link to vote for the best romance book of 2013.

Although The Past Hunter was released last year, I had to make changes and improvements. And later this year, I was blessed to be welcomed to a facebook group called Christian Indie Authors administered by Samantha Fury. My book had a cover that wasn’t too fitting for the book and I wanted it to have a new look. Samantha offered to make a new cover for me at a low price because I was a new customer. So after my book was revised and I added my new cover, my book has become revamped and as of June of this year, my book was republished.


The Past Hunter is a Christian Romance set in California. It has a  a little bit of western theme because the main character’s boyfriend is from Montana and lives on a  ranch. As we know, most ranchers are cowboys. The story has some suspense in it as well.  Here is the link to the contest:

Thank you for your vote.Image


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