New Cover for A Second Chance at Love

Last year in June, I republished my first book. While my original was full of errors and my cover wasn’t eye catching, I needed  to redo the whole book. Hiring an editor is costly and so is having a professional looking cover and I didn’t have the money yet I found an editor who would let me pay her a certain amount each month. She was however a copy editor and after my book was published, I have received several criticisms from other authors. Also I did what I could with the cover–I made my won and made the flowers looked artistic. I used flowers because no one liked my original idea.

My books weren’t selling, even my ebook and I was about to give up and start all over again.  After all several of my author friends told me it needs work; one even said it has too many point of views. I decided to please these fickle people by rewriting the story. However, there was no joy in doing so.

All I wanted to do was to move on and work on certain current, but  I still needed help in selling my book. After talking to some people, I have decided the book was fine. All I need was a new cover and  that was it. I still had the problem of how to get one without spending a  fortune so I used KDP & Createspace cover creator, but people told me what i chose to use wasn’t screaming romance at them. Finally, an author friend said I could use one of her images and she even made one for me. So here it is my new cover:


You can purchase this book at and


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