Why I Write

Many authors will tell you they write  hoping for success. They want to be the best selling author. (Don’t we all?) But  as Christian, if that is all we care about. we miss it! We should write to glorify God and not to seek fame and fortune. This is hard for me because I have seen many of my independent author friends have  success! Although I do glorify God in all my writings, I want to be a success.  And Many author friends wants me to or thinks I should take their advice and suggestion, but often I go against the grain. Why? Because it is not how God wired me to write. If I copy everyone else, then Ia m not original. Don’t get me wrong. I do hire editors and I do have someone proofread my manuscripts before I have it published, even though the very same people who wants me to conform to how they write will tell me, my editors aren’t very good. Touche’.  

I recently read in a book that “if we  plant a blog or a book while coveting success, the fruit will be corrupted. But if we sow our writings into a soil of prayer and devotion, saturated in the desire to glorify God, our fruit will be blessed and pure.” (Called To Write Location 114) So this is my prayer: Lord, I repent. Although I desire To be a success, I will not covet it. I will leave it to the Lord.  So why do I write? So you all may be blessed. I have my books at smashwords for $3.99. I want you to download it there so I have my third book cheaper, but for my second book, I have it cheaper at Amazon.

Not all my books are of the same genre. I thought all my stories were romance, but the common theme is suspense.




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