Struggling Authors

I know what it is like not having the finances to hire a good editor.  It’s the pits. I have struggled with this in my life. But the Lord had blessed me. Only one time did I ever have to take huge chunks of the little I get each month ti edit my first book–A Second Chance at Love. Well, guess what? That editor was more like a copy editor. She didn’t help with my story line at all. And to make it worse,  even my proofreader didn’t help much either yet I didn’t pay her because she wasn’t  a professional. You see, I don’t have a day job where people can say to me “Don’t quit your day job.”  I am unemployed and  I get under 100 dollars a month which  goes to giving to church and paying for cat food and bus fare. Those are the basic three. I do have money left over but sometimes unexpected expenses comes up in which I need to have some money on hand.  Good editors at a low-cost are hard to find. Many of them are very business minded. “Sorry I have to make a living so I can’t do it for  free.” It’s understandable for unbelievers to say that. They haven’t  read the Bible nor do they live by God’s Word.

That’s right. God’s word. There are scriptures that says “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”, or scripture that says that we should help our brother or sister in need. Sad to say but even Christians dismiss that and go right to the one  verse: “A worker is worthy of his wages.” Too bad. There are more scriptures about blessing others than about “Thou shall pay for all work done for you.”

Even authors who  are financially strapped are struggling. Where is the help and encouragement if all you get told is: “You need help!” They don’t even offer to help them! It’s like” tough luck! Maybe you shouldn’t be writing!”

In the future when I am  making money from my books, I plan to offer a very low-cost book cover designing business because I believe that people should  be able to follow their dreams without  having to worry about costs. My source comes from God, not people’s wallets. By that time I should be doing  so much better at designing covers that it will look good! I have already done a cover for my second book in a series called Baby Blues. I want to help people because I believe that if I do, people will help me. I also want to help people because  I would  want the same for me.

I’m not putting  people down. It is their choice whether they feel generous or  not.  Maybe they don’t think they have the means to help others–to bless others. Jesus says “Whatever you think you have” will be taken away.”  Jesus has called us to make  good use of our talents. And people have, but they don’t  have the heart or willingness to help a struggling author.  Maybe it is because they feel if they bless someone, everyone else wants to be blessed to.  They could just offer a low-cost if they don’t want to do it for free.


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