Purify My Heart Re release Book launch

Friday I had another bool launch for the same book. The difference is I have a new cover and new publisher.  My editor has made some changes to my manuscript too. I decided to start a new. Sure people knew  about Jesus Paid it All. It was a flop! It wasn’t that the part went sour but that my book wasn’t selling. Of all the people who downloaded the ebook, only one wrote a review. Lovely huh?  Another blooper on my behalf was having my ebook free for too long.

Well, I’ve learned. Never again. I’ll just offer a coupon the next time and I did. However…

Since my ebook was republished, I no longer had control of that feature. However, my publisher let me  offer a coupon as a contest prize. I would say it was the best launch party I have  hosted, But  you know it wasn’t just me who made it special because  both my co author and I couldn’t before the whole 12 hours so I asked  a couple of friends who I know who has done Book parties; Laura  Ranger and Cathy Jackson. Of course Kathy and I hosted it too.

The party  went well! There were lots of e-book giveaways,  a couple of key rings,  and a book markers. Most of it, a gift card from Amazon. I  posted trivia questions that had to do with witches, posted, pics where you had to caption it.  I try to get ideas from other book parties  and be as clean as possible.  I think Cathy did a great job as well as Laura and  my co author and I couldn’t do it without them.

It was my intention to make it fun and it was for fun.

If you missed out, there will be others. In the meantime here is the book trailer


Book Trailer




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