Strange Elements–why I write what I wrote

“Jesus  said, “Does this offend you? What if you were to see the son of man ascending to where he was before?” John 6:62. Although Jesus referred to what he said about his flesh and blood, I apply to my writings. No two snowflakes are alike and I don’t plan to duplicate or copy someone’s writing styles. I write as I feel led. Yet some have problems with my books. With  A Second Chance at Love, an author told me it has strange elements. “Strange elements, how?” I asked. Well, it turned out she didn’t like the antagonist making her wear a robe or underwear. Can I say something? At least she wore something! Maybe I should have given her white cotton pants and  white loose cotton long sleeve shirt like cult leaders make their members wear.  In my original first draft, she wore underwear but someone complained so I had her wear a robe. Now everyone knows that winter robes have belts or ties to wrap around and the light ones either zip up or have buttons. The other “Strange element” she referred to was why did she make love to a man she didn’t love? Easy. It has been seven long years and even though she didn’t love him, she really wanted to. Her fear of getting hurt got in the way. He was very good and very persuasive. And besides, she had done it before. She missed sex. The other question is why did she do it after becoming a Christian?” Because the Bible didn’t get built into her heart mind and soul. Everyone knows that it takes more than a week to be acquainted with God’s Word. It is the same with Christians who uses profanity: they don’t have  it in the spirit that swearing is wrong.

The real hero is Jesus because even the man who brought her to his estate couldn’t change her heart. Although she had lost some of her bitterness and resentfulness she still needed Jesus in her life.  And new Christians are prone to fall into temptations.

In the Past Hunter, the strange elements is a woman who didn’t call the police whens he saw her boyfriend carry a rolled up carpet but instead up and left Montana. A personal experience is when I thought by moving to WA. State, I would get a job, but instead grew closer to Jesus. With Julie she got a job, etc but she also grew closer to Jesus. Why did she take her ex boyfriend back? Because like God giving us another chance after we screw up, so did she with Eric. Another strange element is one of  Julie’s co-worker got saved in a day. A reviewer couldn’t believe it! She thinks it takes longer but if a person’s heart is ready, then why not? Maybe it’s because she didn’t see or read it. I just think the reviewer lack faith, but God said in His Word that  “a nation can be born in one day.”

In Purify My Heart, I went outside the norm and wrote about a charming witch. who seduced a married woman. It;s true that Christians has nothing to do with witchcraft and they know God hates it, but my book isn’t 100% dark. There is light in it-God’s light has he offers forgiveness and deliverance to his erring child.

Everyone is different. We all get inspirations that differs from each other. I have read stranger tales that is all dark (I couldn’t finish the book)

When Jesus spoke those words, it was because  even some of his disciples couldn’t stomach what he said about his body. Just as some  readers can’t stomach what I wrote. To each his own.

On the side note: A Second Chance of Love is in process of being rewritten because another author said there is too much head popping and not enough showing so  you can download it free on Monday and get an update later or you can wait til it’s updated with a non free price.  The Past Hunter has been updated and will be free Monday. My third book is $3.99 at both Smashwords and Amazon


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