An Excerpt from Purify My Heart

Happy December! In just 22(21)days, people will be gathering around the Christmas tree opening presents, having eggnog and singing yuletide carols…well some might. Everyone  celebrates  Christmas. My gift to you is an excerpt from my novel that my friend and Coauthor wrote with me: Purify My Heart. If you really like the excerpt, you can click on the link below the picture in my blog:

From Chapter  3

“It is very good.” She almost felt too relaxed.

He sat across from her, watching her. “Would you like to
know about your mother?”
Darlene stared at Diethelm. How did this strange, but
strangely inviting, man know so much about her family history? “I
know she was mentally ill,” she said slowly, not sure how much she
should reveal. “My father and I had to take care of her.”
“My father was in love with her before she married your
father. When she rejected Father’s love, he placed a curse on her.”
Purify My Heart Madison ~ Morrison
􀀁 􀀶􀀵
Darlene shot him a look. “Your father caused her mental
illness?” She was not sure whether she should believe him or not.
Again, more incredible stories.
Ah, Diethelm thought to himself, she now sees the truth here,
but will she believe me?
“The only way the curse could have been broken would have
been for her to come back to him and humble herself, which she
never did. And the curse does not die with the one carrying it.” He
looked solemnly at her. “I hope you see what I am getting at. I am his
offspring, and in order for you to avoid inheriting the curse, you
must marry me.”
If Darlene had known the scripture confirming that no one
can curse what God has blessed, it would have saved her, but she did
not know the scriptures very well. Shocked and frightened, she did
not know what to say except: “So I’m cursed if I don’t marry you?”
“Because you have not rejected us, do not think of it as a
curse. For you, it is more like a warning. We do not place curses on
those who remain with our own kind.”
“’Own kind’. What kind of ‘breed’ are we, if I wish to believe
all that?” Darlene put her tea down so she wouldn’t spill it.
She got up and paced, agitated. “And why do I need to marry
you if we can’t be cursed? Just now you said your father cursed my
mother.” She turned to glare at him. “I think you’re fabricating all of

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