Christmas: Why the Big Fuss?

Here it is December and Christmas is right at your door. People decorating their houses and buying gifts for everyone while the stores makes  big bucks from their purchases. This is why some are in a bah humbug mood. They think it is too commercialize. You know what? I agree!  Then there are those who opposes the idea of celebrating esp in December. I can understand that since Jesus wasn’t born in December. But understand this: Christmas  isn’t a celebration of winter solstice and although the pagans  and others who aren’t Christians, especially the Liberals would rather say Happy Holidays, Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of the Savior!  Steven sang it best when he sang “Christmas is in the heart.” Those who oppose having the tree up and giving gifts and every other tradition don’t seem to understand that they are all a symbolism.  The  lights on the house and on the tree symbolizes the star that shone bright in the sky, leading the Wise Men. And thinking of them, that is where the idea of givings  gifts comes from. Yeah yeah I know, The Wise men gave gifts to Jesus not to each other. Siiigh.  There are those who  think the tree is idolatry because of a scripture in Jeremiah, but i don’t see people worshiping the tree. To me like anything else, the tree is a decoration in the house or where it is placed. I see no one committing idolatry. I love the moon in the sky because God placed it there but I don’t worship the moon. And although Jesus was born in the Spring, I see nothing wrong with having Christmas in the Winter. As long as Christmas is in your heart, I  don’t think God will be displeased. I doubt he will remove his blessings from his people just because we Christians continue with our celebrations. If you ask me that sounds like people are taking the legalistic stand on it.

So decide in your heart whether you’ll celebrate Christmas or not. One other note, you can’t lose when you say Happy Holidays because Holidays is two words: Holy days. I will always celebrate Christmas in my heart and say “Merry Christmas”Christmas-Greeting-Card-Nativity-Scene-by-Dona-Gelsinger


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