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On “A Second Chance at Love” Why it’s Not Your Typical Romance.

People who likes Romance novels will read about two major characters known as a hero and heroine. According to James Scott Bell in his book, “Plot and Structure”  You’ll find that there are several different plots. One is both hero and heroine wants to be together but  a confrontation keeps them apart until they find a way to unite. Another is  where one MC is in love with the other but the other doesn’t feel the same–in that, the first hero/ine has to win that person’s love. Those are the two I remember.

Scott also wrote about two types of characters: One who stays the same through the end or one that changes. You can red about that in Characters, Viewpoints and Emotions. There is also two kinds of fiction: Literary and Commercial. Literary is all about the inner changes of the character–a personal journey while commercial fiction  is where the MC changes due to the outer conflict. In A Second Chance at Love, you’ll meet an unlikely heroine  known simply as an anti hero.

As I read Scott’s book that’s what I discovered! Marge isn’t trying to win anyone’s heart nor does she have a boyfriend, husband or lover. She is too bitter to even love a man. All she wants is to be left alone, but another man will stop at nothing to change her and make her his wife. This man is known as the antagonist. he won’t leave her alone. He assigns his men to bring her to his estate. He doesn’t care how she feels as long as he can make her see that she needs his help and that he is the only man who can love her.

The hero in my story doesn’t know it yet, but the woman he’s assigned to, is his former lover from 15 years ago! Although she is not thin and beautiful as she was, there were certain things about her that reminded him of her. But the truth won’t come out later hen they both secretly find out that they shared the past. (In fact, unbeknownst to the antagonist, they are drawn to each other)

As I said, Marge is your anti-hero. She wants to be left alone, but because of her circumstances, she is forced to changed. Therefore, Marge is a changer. But it isn’t man that changed her, but God and His unfailing love and God becomes the real hero of the story. He does because she can’t love again until she is filled with God’s love. Carter also changes and because his employer sent him away to Italy (to keep him away from Marge), he searches his own soul and finds God.

Marge and Carter  are reunited twice and their reunion changes  her to some point. The first reunion helps give Marge  courage to endure her “imprisonment” with the antagonist until he takes her to France and away Carter again. The last and final reunion is when she finally wins her freedom from her antagonist and  Carter is there to meet her

I understand my book is hard to read. Some would find it strange. No one wants to read  about women being treated the way Marge has been treated. How many heroines do they know are bitter and cynical? Would it be better if I write about a woman who was sweet, loving and kind and after the antagonist has his way with her, make her a bitter and resentful woman?

As of now, I am in process of making changes to my manuscript. It will have a new title called “His Unfailing Love.”  Beow after reading this, please comment if you like that title better or “An Unexpected Romance.”  I want it to cal it HIs Unfailing Love because there is a line where her fried said about her that all she needs is God’s unfailing love.” which is what she gets towards the end of the book. If you comment and would like a copy of the  ebook, let me know. If you get a  a copy of the original, you can have the updated version when it;s available.

Thanks for reading.


Strange Elements–why I write what I wrote

“Jesus  said, “Does this offend you? What if you were to see the son of man ascending to where he was before?” John 6:62. Although Jesus referred to what he said about his flesh and blood, I apply to my writings. No two snowflakes are alike and I don’t plan to duplicate or copy someone’s writing styles. I write as I feel led. Yet some have problems with my books. With  A Second Chance at Love, an author told me it has strange elements. “Strange elements, how?” I asked. Well, it turned out she didn’t like the antagonist making her wear a robe or underwear. Can I say something? At least she wore something! Maybe I should have given her white cotton pants and  white loose cotton long sleeve shirt like cult leaders make their members wear.  In my original first draft, she wore underwear but someone complained so I had her wear a robe. Now everyone knows that winter robes have belts or ties to wrap around and the light ones either zip up or have buttons. The other “Strange element” she referred to was why did she make love to a man she didn’t love? Easy. It has been seven long years and even though she didn’t love him, she really wanted to. Her fear of getting hurt got in the way. He was very good and very persuasive. And besides, she had done it before. She missed sex. The other question is why did she do it after becoming a Christian?” Because the Bible didn’t get built into her heart mind and soul. Everyone knows that it takes more than a week to be acquainted with God’s Word. It is the same with Christians who uses profanity: they don’t have  it in the spirit that swearing is wrong.

The real hero is Jesus because even the man who brought her to his estate couldn’t change her heart. Although she had lost some of her bitterness and resentfulness she still needed Jesus in her life.  And new Christians are prone to fall into temptations.

In the Past Hunter, the strange elements is a woman who didn’t call the police whens he saw her boyfriend carry a rolled up carpet but instead up and left Montana. A personal experience is when I thought by moving to WA. State, I would get a job, but instead grew closer to Jesus. With Julie she got a job, etc but she also grew closer to Jesus. Why did she take her ex boyfriend back? Because like God giving us another chance after we screw up, so did she with Eric. Another strange element is one of  Julie’s co-worker got saved in a day. A reviewer couldn’t believe it! She thinks it takes longer but if a person’s heart is ready, then why not? Maybe it’s because she didn’t see or read it. I just think the reviewer lack faith, but God said in His Word that  “a nation can be born in one day.”

In Purify My Heart, I went outside the norm and wrote about a charming witch. who seduced a married woman. It;s true that Christians has nothing to do with witchcraft and they know God hates it, but my book isn’t 100% dark. There is light in it-God’s light has he offers forgiveness and deliverance to his erring child.

Everyone is different. We all get inspirations that differs from each other. I have read stranger tales that is all dark (I couldn’t finish the book)

When Jesus spoke those words, it was because  even some of his disciples couldn’t stomach what he said about his body. Just as some  readers can’t stomach what I wrote. To each his own.

On the side note: A Second Chance of Love is in process of being rewritten because another author said there is too much head popping and not enough showing so  you can download it free on Monday and get an update later or you can wait til it’s updated with a non free price.  The Past Hunter has been updated and will be free Monday. My third book is $3.99 at both Smashwords and Amazon

The Story Behind “The Past Hunter: When The Past Comes Calling

A few years ago I had this idea in my mind to write a romantic suspense. I wasn’t sure what to name it until later. I began with  a woman named Julie. Julie is kind of like who I want to be: Spiritual, Charismatic and into the kind of spiritual things I desire to be involved with. What she does for her second job is close to what I do: She is retailer at a bookstore.

The book begins when Julie wakes up with a strong feeling something is wrong. She receives visions of danger and flees. When she returns home, the danger is still there, but she braves it and finds out that her ex boyfriend had been looking for her—for 6 years!

Eric Young is a cowboy rancher. He own his father’s ranch and   is deeply in love with Julie. In chapter two we find out how it began why she is living in California and not in Montana with him. My book has received 12 reviews averaging around 4.5 stars rating.

You might think that the title is a strange one, but I couldn’t think what to name it. It came to me that since it is about a man from Julie’s past has come looking for her (hunting her down) why not call it the Past Hunter. The Subtitle came later.

If you haven’t downloaded my ebook yet, why not today. Or you can wait until Cyber Monday and download it for free.

In a few months, the second book which will  a woman’s fiction called Baby Blues. Please visit my website http://www.secondchanceseries.webs.com This book has been updated several times so now it should be even better!


A SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE–A character’s Story

Hi. My name is Marge. Earlier in my life I met an Italian named Carliano. We both hit it off well and hope to keep in touch.   Since I was only vacationing. I hoped that something positive would come out of our long distance relationship. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and it was the start of a slow change of events for me.

After I returned home, I went to college to major in journalism. A year later, I experienced pain in my right leg and as a result became crippled. It seemed that one bad thing after another has happened. I never heard from Carliano and I just decided maybe dating wasn’t for me. I was beautiful in spite of my disability, but I just didn’t want to date anyone.

My sister Crystal wanted me to go back into dating so I did. She took me to a singles night at a bowling alley where I met Bruce. Bruce really wasn’t my type, but I gave him a chance.   We were physically attracted to each other and a year later we married.

After being married two years, he cheated on me, twice. I no longer trusted men and became cynical. Since I wrote for Wilmar Times, I used my cynicism to write commentaries. It became a popular item on the paper. I never thought I would lose my cynicism.

Read more about me in A Second Chance at Love.Image


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