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The Second Chance Series:Soaking Worship Explained.

On my Author page, I pondered or rather wrote whether I should tell people  what Soaking Worship is. Everyone knows what Praise and Worship is, but not that. In fact the first person left me nice three stars review because I disappointed her. I wrote very little about ranching ,  she never heard of  soaking worship and the rape scene was too long for her. I think she hoped my book would be a nice long book about ranching and romance. It is not a romance book, sorry to say.  She seemed happy I mentioned Chris Tomlin.

There is a difference between Soaking Worship and Praise and Worship. I think it is obvious. When you are in a bathtub, do you soak in suds and bubbles or do you praise it? Are you not immersed in the bubbles? Or do you dance and clap your hands in the bubbles? (Be careful you could slip and fall if you do) My questions reminds me of Paul when he said he sounded foolish because I sound foolish to you. I am trying to make a point. No, you don’t dance in the bubbles. I read in the article where it you lie  on your back and you just relax and just  immerse in the music being played. I listened to Graham Cooke Favor of the Lord on  a Sunday. It is not a sermon. He is speaking of the Lord’s Favor. We  are to receive it as we  open ourselves  to prophecy.  Most of soaking worship is prophetic. People like Corey  and Anna Ashbury and Graham Cooke or Heidi Baker. And there are some just instrumental like DappyTKeys or Kings Worship. None of those makes you want to stand and shout and clap your hands but they do draw you into God’s presence just as Praise and Worship do. The only difference is,  you are singing praise songs like Hosanna, or Our God Reigns, songs by Hillsongs, Passion, etc.  Please educate yourself. There are websites on the subject of Soaking worship. I posted one  on my author page on Facebook Madison Books.  There are tons of soaking worship videos on youtube so you don’t have to spend money on a cd and no I am not trying to get you to  or forcing you to buy my book.  My book isn’t about Soaking Worship but it is mentioned a few times in both of them because it has become part of my main character’s life.


A Life of Worship

I have been reading the book of Leviticus and it is not  my favorite old testament book. It is filled with rules and regulations set by God in order for his people to live  a life set apart from other nations. The other nations worship many [false] gods and idols. The nation they were  delivered from also worship idols and, so they were accustomed to idol worship. Countless of times God said why they must live  this way: “For I am the Lord your God.” He wanted them to remember that. He was the one that redeemed them from slavery and bondage. No idol could  do that. In fact, if you read Isaiah 46, the Prophet wrote that the very people he redeemed were now worshipping idols they have made and he asked them “Can  your idols save you?” They have eyes to see but  do not see. They have ears to hear, but do not hear and they have mouths to speak, but are mute. They are just molden images made to look like man or beast and his people bow down to them!

God has also given his people festivals and I wonder what it was like in those times! 24/7 their whole lives were surrounded by sacred living, but that is not to say it  was easy. The people of other nations probably had lured them and tempted them to live a life outside of God wants for them.  This is true for us Christians as well. The Apostle Peter quoted Leviticus 19:7 “Be Holy for I am holy.” We are His children and we are also set apart for his purposes too. He gives his Word to live by,  a manual you might say.  When Jesus was on earth, he not only demonstrated to his disciples how they ought to live, but to us too! And after his death and resurrection, Peter, Paul, James, and Jude were moved by the Holy Spirit  to write their epistles. Most all of them quoted scriptures from the Old Testament and also wrote on some things that Jesus taught.

Romans 12:1,2  are good verses to follow: 1)I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. 2)And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” You renew your mind by reading  and studying the Word. You present your body  by how you live your life. Are you going to live contrary to what God’s Word says, or are you going to be doers of the Word?