Nano Time

November 1 began  the National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50k  words in a  month.  I already had a work in progress so for me it would be more like 80k  something.

This started out with no problem  at all until  Friday.  I dislike being taken away from my writing but because I had a book signing on Saturday, we moved up our weekly  shopping trip to Walmart to Friday and guess what else Friday was–PAYDAY! If you never have to take the bus to shopping then you are blessed. Just get in your car and go. Not so with buses. Why? Because when payday comes, countless of people come out of their homes in their wheelchairs to pick up their SSI checks and this slows the bus drivers down and making the rest of the passengers late.  Instead of arriving home when I wanted to,  I ended up arriving home  an hour later than planned.

I am on Facebook and I had to cut down on my game activity and get serious about my writing because I was behind. I now play two apps  a day so I can spend as much time writing. I was still behind and the next two days continued to cut in my time to write but I don’t blame Sunday because I love going to  church.

Monday, I finished my second work in progress and was ready to publish with However several complications had also cut in my  nano project and I had focus on getting my second book published instead of the other project. You probably are asking where my priorities are. They were there. They just were divided.  For the next few days I hope to get caught up and get 80k words  written by the deadline