faith in God is strong—at least on paper.

But what happens when that faith is tested?

Turned into a vampire by the worst—Vlad Drakul—she feels that God has abandoned her.  But the opposite is true.

God rescues her from a fate worse than death, and brings her into the plan He has for global redemption.  With the help He sends, she feels like nothing can stop her.

But when Vlad torments her again, and then her family, the temptation to run and hide is almost too strong to resist.

Her answer to God’s call is the deciding factor in the battle that pits the angelic powers of God against the demonic powers of Hell.



K.R. Morrison has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years.  She moved there from California, after the Loma Prieta earthquake caused her to rethink her stance on “never moving again”.  At her first sight of Oregon, she never looked back.

She wrote her first book, “Be Not Afraid”, after a nightmare she experienced would not leave her mind, even when awake.  Before this book, she had not written much of anything, outside of the annual Christmas letter.

She has also co-authored a book entitled “Jesus Paid It All” with Ruthie Madison, and has recently been accepted as an editor with her publisher, Mountain Springs House.  Book reviewing and blogging take up a lot of her time as well.

When not writing or working, she quilts or works in the garden.

She lives with her husband of over 27 years and a monster-sized cat, and is occasionally visited by her kids.






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BLOGGERS NOTE: I read this book after it first came out. It was one of the books that gave me the idea to write Jesus paid It All. If you like horror fiction with a Christian message, I encourage you to give her book a  read!


Why I Write

Many authors will tell you they write  hoping for success. They want to be the best selling author. (Don’t we all?) But  as Christian, if that is all we care about. we miss it! We should write to glorify God and not to seek fame and fortune. This is hard for me because I have seen many of my independent author friends have  success! Although I do glorify God in all my writings, I want to be a success.  And Many author friends wants me to or thinks I should take their advice and suggestion, but often I go against the grain. Why? Because it is not how God wired me to write. If I copy everyone else, then Ia m not original. Don’t get me wrong. I do hire editors and I do have someone proofread my manuscripts before I have it published, even though the very same people who wants me to conform to how they write will tell me, my editors aren’t very good. Touche’.  

I recently read in a book that “if we  plant a blog or a book while coveting success, the fruit will be corrupted. But if we sow our writings into a soil of prayer and devotion, saturated in the desire to glorify God, our fruit will be blessed and pure.” (Called To Write Location 114) So this is my prayer: Lord, I repent. Although I desire To be a success, I will not covet it. I will leave it to the Lord.  So why do I write? So you all may be blessed. I have my books at smashwords for $3.99. I want you to download it there so I have my third book cheaper, but for my second book, I have it cheaper at Amazon.

Not all my books are of the same genre. I thought all my stories were romance, but the common theme is suspense.



New Cover for A Second Chance at Love

Last year in June, I republished my first book. While my original was full of errors and my cover wasn’t eye catching, I needed  to redo the whole book. Hiring an editor is costly and so is having a professional looking cover and I didn’t have the money yet I found an editor who would let me pay her a certain amount each month. She was however a copy editor and after my book was published, I have received several criticisms from other authors. Also I did what I could with the cover–I made my won and made the flowers looked artistic. I used flowers because no one liked my original idea.

My books weren’t selling, even my ebook and I was about to give up and start all over again.  After all several of my author friends told me it needs work; one even said it has too many point of views. I decided to please these fickle people by rewriting the story. However, there was no joy in doing so.

All I wanted to do was to move on and work on certain current, but  I still needed help in selling my book. After talking to some people, I have decided the book was fine. All I need was a new cover and  that was it. I still had the problem of how to get one without spending a  fortune so I used KDP & Createspace cover creator, but people told me what i chose to use wasn’t screaming romance at them. Finally, an author friend said I could use one of her images and she even made one for me. So here it is my new cover:


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