History Behind Marge

When I first wrote Marge, I didn’t have a computer.  It was back in the early 2000’s when my father was still alive. My life had  not gone as I hope but I still have faith. Faith to believe that God would fulfill his promise and that was what kept me going. I wrote stories way before there was internet. I wrote all kinds of stories, even children’s stories and instead of following an outline, I followed my imagination.

I used two nationalities that I like: French and Italian and thought  about having them both being the object of her affection.  I  needed some reason  why the French man should  want to transform this character.  I wanted my readers to see that she needed help. No one likes change, especially if you  are happy  the way you are, but what if someone else knows that  change is needed. Marge wasn’t suppose to be a love story, but I realize no Christian publisher would see it as a Christian Fiction.  As I talked to a friend one day she agreed that is turning into a romance.

Marge is a little like me: She like to write and doesn’t like being cooped up to one place.  I have lived where I am since 1972 and like her, wanted to be free of my confinement! However, where I am, I know God can change me and he has over the years. To me,  Marge is written as a form of escape from my sorry life.  Even after I wrote one version, I wrote several more.  One day, after I had internet access I made a friend with another writer and I began sharing  her what I have written. She encouraged me to get it published.

In December of 2011, my book was published but it wasn’t  as I hope.  I will not go on to say why or what happened, but I what  will say is, what I have written is only the beginning of  even  better books  to come!


Romance and Whatnot.

I never thought myself a Romance author basically because I have no experience in that department.  I do not know what it is like to fall in love although I thought I have with online potential boyfriends. It is  even hard for me to accept their buttery words like “Ruthie you have melted my heart.” or  “You have a beautiful stunning smile that lights up my life.”  I was reading the first chapter of Song of Solomon’s today  and the words written were written long ago.  It is hard to imagine any man saying what the beloved said in those days to a girl these days.  However, I see love expressed and many ways while reading romance novels. The author describes how beautiful the girl is to the boy and  vise versa.  I long to  write like that, but how?   When I read, “You are fair, my love. YOU are fair! Your eyes are like doves!”,  I could picture Jesus, my first love saying that to me. I am fair!  I am beautiful, but when I look at my reflection in the mirror, I see flaws. I see an imperfect body, but what is more I see a perfect body wanting to come out.  I have to remind  myself that no matter what I look like to the human eye, I am beautiful because God made me that way.  I want a man to see me that way too.

Earlier, I mentioned how potential online  boyfriends use buttery words. The main reason why is it is hard for me to accept any compliments from a man is because they use these words to win my heart then my wallet. They have a motive behind their words. So how can I tell a man is truly interested in me? I would have to pray about it.  Right now my favorite dating website is closed down and maybe that is good. The Lord can use this time to  draw me close to him, I welcome his words of love because with him, his words are true. His banner over me is love. He is mine and I am his. He brought me to his banqueting table. Thinking of banquets, maybe I should feast on God’s Word because the whole Bible is actually a love letter written to his children. I want you to see something: The ten commandments aren’t given because God doesn’t want us to have those or do those things. He is not an angry God. He hurts when he sees his children hurting others. He knows that the enemy of our souls is out to destroy us, because God wants  to bless us and wants us to be a blessing.  We can’t be a blessing if we act outside his covenant of love–The 10 commandments.   Paul the Apostle wrote: Love does no harm to its neighbor.

One final thought: I do know why I write Romance(at least I think I do): Since I have none in my life, I fulfill it in my characters as some sort of fulfillment.