Back in 2011, I made a bad  decision — I published  my first book, my baby  “Marge” with PublishAmerica.

I was a new author (Still am and learning the ropes) and  unfortunately I didn’t check for grammar and spelling mistakes. However, they were no better: they overcharged my books; It didn’t sell.

I wrote a blog once about wanting to redeem myself. I was told since they own the rights I couldn’t republish elsewhere so I made some changes so that “A Second Chance at Love” is not an exact replica of “Marge”.

Although, I now own the rights to “Marge”, I kept the improvements I made and hired an editor to make  suggestions, corrections to my manuscript so it would not  be flawed like Marge.

When Marge  was published, it wasn’t available as an e-book and many people preferred to download the ebooks  and not pay for an actual paperback. Now My remake is not only a paperback, but  an e-book as well.  I poured in many hours  getting the format right, but after a couple of days, I completed it and submitted it for review.

A Second Chance At Love is now available for download at for $7.99. The paperback will soon be available at online book stores (except e-store which has been available since Thursday)Offic book


My Cat and My Illness

                     My Illness and my Cat

Meet Henry. He only cares about himself.

He eat, sleeps and plays just like any cat does.

I love him so but I do not like him.

It has been said that people don’t own cats; they own us.

Do they think they are the boss of us?

That we will feed them on command?

What is we are tired or weak?

What if we languish away and do not feel like getting up?

He does not see or care. He wants to eat NOW!

From this cat, I get no thanks because to him,

It is my duty to feed him.

I did not ask for him to “own me”

My owner died when he got ran over.

Henry needed me during a severe trial in his life—

When the spirits would not leave him alone

Because of another person.

Now that this person is no longer alive,

Henry doesn’t need me.

He stopped sleeping in bed with met

Yet he is a lap cat.

There are undesirable things in his life.

I look at him and wish he didn’t depend

On me.

Henry doesn’t see that at times I am unable to feed him

On command.

Sometimes I have to make him wait outside

Or he will keep pestering me to feed him.

He doesn’t see that I am weak and tired.

He only sees….


I am…

The one


Feed him.



Angels Among Us.

We probably at one time read books about angels or fictional stories and some of us think that they all have wings. Even at Christams time they are portrayed having wings, but that is a wrong conception. Hebrews 13:2 “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing, some have unwittingly entertained angels.”” (NKJV). Scripture tells us that we will not always recognize them. There are even scriptures in the Bible where the “Angel of the Lord” appears to certain people with a message from God. In Hebrews 1:14, it states, ” Aren’t all angels ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?”

The word minister means to serve and angels can or most likely appear in human form. I know this to be true because my mother has experienced herself and told us about it:

Angels helped my mother several times during her life on earth (and probably will until she dies.)  One time, my mother fell off her motorized bike and two young boys come along, and help her up. She never saw them again after that. More than once, she would fall and hurt herself and  people would come and assist her. She never saw them after that.  

You might say “These are just the kindness of strangers”, but even God uses strangers to do his will. Haven’t you heard of people saying to someone like that, “You’re an angel!” because that person was either Godsent or a blessing? Angels do not have to descend from Heaven, but God can use anyone in the form of a person and…SEND them. Again, we go back to Hebrews 1:14 where it says that angels are what? SENT.

So let us not look to Heaven to find angels, but all around us. Who knows? Maybe someday any of us will need an angel to help us when we need it. Maybe someday a stranger will arrive at your house and you will not know they are angels to later. I believe when Paul wrote that in Hebrews, he may have referred to his own experience or back to the time of  his patriarchs. There are angels among us.