“You will never…

“You will never believe what happened last night!”–From The Past Hunter

At this point Julie still cares about Eric although she hasn’t said yes to him. And  during the night she sensed her spirit that Eric could be in danger.   He calls later and confirms that what she saw in her spirit (about his stable) was true. He does not know yet that she knows. He calls with the news.


An Excerpt from The Past Hunter



 A Sense of Danger?

Julie woke up one morning and began to feel not right yet she couldn’t shake it. This was not the first time it had happened and she was able to shake the bad feeling she had before that day. “Lord, what is it? Why can’t I shake it?”  Sensing in her spirit to call in sick, she reached for the phone she had on her bed-stand and called in sick. “Hi, I don’t feel well, so I will be staying home.”   Her employer understood she wasn’t feeling well and allowed her to do so.

Julie changed into some comfortable clothing before she began with housework. Maybe keeping herself busy would help get her mind off that feeling she had upon waking up.  After all, she believed she was under God’s protection. What harm could come to her?  As she was cleaning the floor, the feeling of unease seems to be stronger with each move she made.  She sat in a chair and began to envision a man with a gun coming towards her house.  The words, “Get out!” came to her mind.  She grabbed her purse and ran like a bat out of hell.



Hope For Me


Recently I was getting discouraged and thought maybe I should just throw out  “The Butterfly and the Cocoon. It would have been my  second rewrite  of Marge, but I was taking the suggestion of another writer. I often  heard you should “show” and not “tell” but not using “is or “was” so much?  Ever since then, I looked at what I wrote and frustration sets in. How do I replace my “to be” verbs  with something better? Well my book not sell just because I use “to be” verbs? Then I started reading “She Belongs To Me” By Carmen DeSouza. I would like to meet her (Or him) and thank him!  Why? Because the writer used “to be” verbs and in my opinion, I like the book so far! Maybe I am different, but I see nothing wrong with  “to be” verbs. It is not like  it will be like that  in every  sentence, but I should write what comes  naturally to me.  I have made writing so hard because I listen to people when I should listen to my instincts instead.


Thank you, Carmen!

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Life as a Writer

Ever since I was a  young  lady or maybe a little girl (I can’t remember how long ago it was), I have love to write.  I mainly write to escape my every day boring life. I never thought I would write before I teach. I knew it would take money to become a successful writer yet a few years back, I shared one of my stories with a  friend  and she encourage me to get it published. She always had faith in me and she has written  several books before I have, but then it got hard.  How do I find someone who is not a scam to publish my book? I began as a naive and trusting person. I thought I would look in my handy writers market guide book and look up publishers. I had big dreams that Bethany House would consider me, but they  were not accepting submissions. In fact, most don’t without an agent.  I have been told that writing is hard but looking for a publisher is harder. Not many will take on an unknown author.

I went to a prayer group and posted my prayer request. One of the admins suggested I try PublishAmerica. I wish I could have gone with my instinct, but I listened to her.  At first I was excited when my first book was published until later in life I had found out who PublishAmerica really was– a scam publishing group. Of course, there will be those who will argue with me, but I have more than enough evidence to believe that they are. Not only that, but my first book is flawed–Lesson learned.

I am in a  great writers group on facebook and met some wonderful  people there!  Without them, I think I would be lost. I needed  a lot of advice and suggestions because I am new!

Isaiah42:16 states that God will lead blind Israel down unfamiliar paths and smooth out the rough places and I will tell you that the paths I have  trodden down is unfamiliar to me:  Looking for business to let me do book signings, trying to promote my books the best I can are things I have never done! Going into businesses and asking managers if I can do a book signing is unnerving!  I really hate rejections! (Which is why you will never see my be anything like my deceased father– a salesman). Most of the time I had to depend on the leadings of the Holy Spirit.  When I don’t, it does not work out.  For my first book signing, I didn’t ask the Holy Spirit if I should do it in the library. I saw that someone else have done it and decided  to ask if I can have  a book signing in the library. Once again I had high hopes which ended up to be a flop!  A friend told me that it is not about how many books you sell but promoting your book, but what is a book signing if  you sign no books? Grant it I finally got featured in the paper.

I learn from my mistakes and I move on. To be honest, I am glad I did not sell many books since Marge is flawed. (Things I learn after that: You need an editor and a book cover design artist.)

Yes, I thought writing  was easy until I read Slow Your Prose by James W. Lewis. I am finding that I am not really gifted with words. I just write what comes to me. It is easier to tell then to show. Writing sentences with “is” and ” “was:”  “is easier than to write it differently.  I hear this nagging voice that tells me I should  give up, but I know that people will tell me not to.

My second book has been out since November and I have come across some “rough places”  I have waited for several businesses to contact me (after I made follow up calls) and  yet no word. I wanted to give up. However,  I have seen the rough places slowly being smoothed out for me. I have a friend who suggested I try Berean Christian Bookstore and even though I had to go through another channel, I was able to get as far as the manager to at least have 3 of my books ordered   and she would let me know when it comes.

God is good! He will work out all things for me as I continue to trust him to  lead me  down unfamiliar paths. Someday I will have someone edit my manuscript and design my book covers for me at low or no cost. Why? Because I believe God’s divine favor, that is why.



Friendship–The Love of Friends

Normally I write about Romance, but today I feel inspired to write about a different kind of   love. The Greek calls it phileo or brotherly love.  It can also be the love between friends. I have one special friend, but we would not be friends if my sister and I were not on Myspace.  I was looking for some friends with whom I have  some things in common and she found someone who also loves Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant.  Her name is Michele.  I have found out later in life we also share the same talent– writing. Although we met at another social network, we continued our friendship on Facebook. I am not on Myspace anymore, so it is a good thing. Michele has always been there for me even when I am upset with her  In her book, Against All Odds, she is very much like Chandra.  Chandra has a friend who was involved in a horrible car accident and ended up in  a motorized wheelchair.    Chandra was there for her nevertheless in spite how she treated her. Most people  don’t have friends like that. They probably hate self pity and don’t want to be around like that, but a true friend is there for you no matter what!  Michele and I may not be best friends for a long time or at all for she had done at one time, but I am there for her and she has always been there for me.  She is my “Chandra.” and I hope I am her “Chandra”. I remember what she told me  about her former best friend and that is no friend at all. I know she has another best friend and I will not take that away from her.  I am just glad that she is my friend.images (1)