A Second Chance at Love returns!

Many years  ago, I wrote a book called Marge. I was new and inexperience and had no money to hire anyone. A friend encouraged to get my manuscript published who would take me on? I was a nobody and literary agents rarely takes on new unknown authors. Self publishing was something I didn’t want to do. I wanted publishers like Nelson or Tindale to contract me, but that was an impossibility. Then I heard about Publish America. I should have asked around and looked at reviews but I  took the word a friend and contacted them. Wrong move. As I found out they were a scam.

Long story short. After getting my rights back, my book failed to get the reviews and sales I needed. Authors told me there was too much head popping and a reviewer said my character were stilted. I took it down from Amazon. Less than 9 years later, I had time to work on my manuscript, but I still needed help. I wrote based on what I learn, but I didn’t want to chance readers still saying my book needed editing, so I hired a developmental editor and now I have not only a polished looking e-book and paperback, but a brand new cover! See below.


And if you don’t know by now, I designed this cover. Designing covers was a skill I picked up.  You can see my portfolio for others here: Ruthie Madison; Author and Graphic Designer

So what’s new about my book? What is new, I added characters and removed a couple. Sam is now Shelly because if Marge is cynical, she shouldn’t have male friends. Meet Shelly Jenkins. She is Marge’s co worker who is also her only friend and also a Christian. How does Shelly play into the story? Well, you will have to read the book to find out.







Another character that played a role is a woman named Samantha Durand, the ex-wife of Donavan Durand, the wealthy benefactor who not only wants Marge for himself, but also wants to enroll her in his two years program. Donavan is the villain, but he turns good towards the end. Again, you will have to read the book to find out.

Carter and his two friends are still there, but this time you will actually get to be in his head when you read from his point of view.

I would encourage you to download the ebook for $2.99. Here is the Amazon link: A Second Chance at Love. The paperback is $5.50

12 Days of Christmas Authors Event.


Okay, I admit. I’ve only had dropped in to see what was going on, but I can tell you what I saw with my own eyes. If you love to read anything from historical fiction to romance to spiritual warfare/Horror or anything books that Christian authors write, you would enjoy this event. You would get to meet authors that you never heard of it and find out what they are like.  When I dropped in, there were authors not from the U.S. Some wrote books for many years. And the members of Christian Women Writers have created this event for you, the readers!  Hosts and hostess have prizes to give away and games to play!  So even if  you’re busy shopping or Christmas, booking Christmas, or making plans, you can still drop in. They still have opened giveaways to enter or take part of until the event is over. So where can you find this event? Glad you ask!
12 Days of Christmas Event on Facebook

On December, I will host from 7pm est – 11pm.  My new edition to the Past Hunter will be one of the prizes I will give to the lucky winner. Yes, after getting negative reviews, I thought it was time to revise and add a new cover, I’ll tell you more at the event.




My Dysfunctional Family

You may be wondering what this might have to do with my writings, Or perhaps you may be asking yourself If I have written a book about that so hang in there and I will answer your questions (Hopefully)

I have come across people who misunderstood my characters. When I show that they are protecting, or at least try, they come across as controlling. They misunderstand that the reason they act the way they do is because it is their way of protecting the ones they love. But reader still misunderstands that. I was reading one of my books, I have come across a few mistakes, The book is Baby Blues. I have decided to go ahead and make the corrections. As I was doing that, a phrase I wrote, a thought my male character had was indeed one of a controlling character. So I used my Emotion Thesaurus and wrote out the emotions of a protecting character but kept with the ones of one who controls. Why? Every MC has to have a flaw. No one likes to read about perfect characters because they are no one can relate to them.

Perhaps the reason my character come across as controlling is because of my own upbringing, On Facebook, I asked, how do I show my character has protective and a friend suggested I think of a time someone was protective of me, That is not easy. My parents were not protective of me. My father was the controlling one while my mother was in a way,  permissive.

I wrote about how my father treated us. He wanted to control mom’s spending. My mother told me one time, how she told our dad that she brought herself a new dress with own hard earned money and he hit the ceiling. Another time, he asked her to join her bank account with his. He had control of the grocery money. He would have a little coin purse and he put in $40 twice a week–this for a family of 4! He had showed the signs of a controlling man.

My mother on the other hand loved us. She was a godly woman, opposite of my father. If we  had a need and my father wouldn’t provide that need, she would see to it that our needs were met. My father saw that as her enabling us. My father believed that if we have a need, we should get a job. My mother understood why he didn’t have one. If my sister and I worked,  the money would go to him. I said she was permissive because, she never tried to keep us from doing what our heart’s desired. Although she couldn’t provide cars for us, she would buy us clothes if we needed any. My father would not. When I turned 18, he stopped giving us any kind of allowances, but our mother would give some money after she had tithed. But as protecting us, well, what could she do? How could can an abuse woman protect her children? She couldn’t even stand up to him. What she did was commit us to the Lord. She raised us in the Lord and she would pray for God to protect us. Every morning, she would go around the house citing Psalms 91. She protected us spiritually.

I really had no man or woman who could physically protect me. When I was old enough to know, I would go to God for my protection. Psalms 91 is about how abiding in His Presence is the ultimate source of protection and deliverance. I still rely on it today. There is no other place to be. And because I  didn’t have anyone protecting me, I had to use my thesaurus to see what the emotions a protecting person would have. I had to do this to my stories. It’s sad I know. Fortunately one had not reach the shelves. I’m hoping to release this book late this year or early next year, the Lord willing. The other one will be re-released in a couple of  months or so.

So keep this in mind: If you come across a controlling character, you will know the reason. Hopefully you won’t Hopefully you know I have tried. My books?
Baby Blues and The Yaphe (A YA Christian Fantasy)

Second Chance Series

several years ago, I ventured to write a romantic suspense. I love suspense, don’t you? And while I admit that I didn’t have it well thought out because  people gave me harsh reviews. 4 did and they were all one stars and said the same things. “Poorly written.” It was poorly written at first and an author pointed it out and even helped me rewrite it. I’ve gotten some good reviews as well and if it wasn’t for those, I would not have written the next book.

I had a real hard time with the second book. Thinking of continuing the story of Julie was a series, it was not. And my original idea of storyline didn’t work. So I rewrote it and to my surprise my character had a traumatic experience– she was. Victim of rape. The year, I published  my book, I was experiencing depression. Many negative things were common no against me and I didn’t want to do anything. One of those experiences was the low turn out of my book release party.

Baby Blue had not received many reviews. It’s been out since 2016.  It had only been one 5 star reviews and the others were 4 or 3. One of the reviewers wrote that it had too many plots in the book. This is the book I’m not willing to rewrite. I just hope the right people will read  and appreciate the story. I had lost the ms to this several times so it stays put.

My last book is AMan For Beth. There are no bad guys stalking people or raping women. Just a story of a woman who struggles with her weight and self esteem. A woman not interested in dating but meets a man she could love…in a gym. This is my last book in the series. People do not appreciate a good story or all the hard work I put in it. They don’t understand that I have spent more money on the editing than they have on the book. It’s not that easy to just sit and write and spend money. Maybe these reviewers are used to readers g a certain types of books. Maybe they are reading best sellers. I’m just a low income indie author. So if they think they can rewrite my book, go ahead.

With the lack of appreciation for my series, there will not be a Christmas Novella. I’m working on rewriting A Second Chance at Love then it will be my Fantasy story.cropped-secondchancememe.jpg

A Second Chance At Love–2nd edition

If you have read my blogs about my books, you may have an idea what they are about. These stories were born from my heart but many people don’t like the character or complained they are too controlling. Maybe that is because that is my view love and protection. I thought love protects but I guess people disagree. And while I refuse to change my character’s personality, there is one story I am willing to change: A Second Chance at Love. After reading the criticisms and suggestions to improve my story, I have decided to give it a new makeover. Not only with the story line, but with book cover

The woman in the background is the spiritual force that will bring Marge and Carter together. While Carter works for the one who man wants her for himself and to make her a model (after a year of transforming her), Samantha, the former wife of Donovan Tradeau will keep him and his friends taking her by force or coercing to go with them and meet him. Marge, who was cynical and unfriendly had no idea there was someone she could trust. That someone was a sister she never knew. But it was not Samantha who help her find Jesus again, but her friend Shelly.

If you have read the original version, there was a major flaw: Marge should not have male friends because in her past, men have failed her and Samuel was no exception. So her co worker and friend is Shelly Jones.woman-933684_1920.jpg

I am still in process of rewriting this story. If you are a person of prayer, I could use your prayers as I am unemployed until August and if my sister doesn’t get a job before then, I will still have to pay the bills and won’t have money for editing.

My story is a Romantic Suspense. Although my MCs started out unsaved or as people who have walked away from God, it will get more spiritual as you read on. One main reason is: Samantha Stevenson Tradeau.

The Controlling Character

I have written a few books where a reader would say in a comment that the main make character is too controlling, even a beta reader and a proofreader said that to me, but it has never been my intention. Donovan is suppose to be controlling (A Second Chance at Love) Eric, not and neither is the mother in my wip the Yaphe Clan. Both Eric and the mother are protective. Is there anything wrong with that? If Eric allowed his wife to work full time and do whatever she wants. he would feel responsible that something bad happened to his wife. If the mother let her daughter find out her identity and that her people who are supposedly peaceful people, she may lose her daughter. After all, the mother is the outlaw. Yet people say they are controlling.

Why would I make my MCs that way? Maybe its because it was the way I was raised. Maybe I have never experience the opposite. My own father was that way toward my mother. He was a jealous husband and he was insecure. He controlled whether she realized it or not. As long as I remember, he never showed any real love to her. he told my mother that he made love to her because she wanted children. He never did. We were either a burden or an asset. What I mean by asset is that he would have one of us do the house work while the other would bring in money. He would not have lifted a finger to work. An example of his controlling nature was when my mother brought home a dress she paid with her own money and he had a fit.

My father never changed until the day he was on his death bed. He never said to any of us that he loved us nor did he affirmed us. His parents were the same way: His dad never showed any affection to his children. It got passed down to my sister and me. My mother refused to divorce or separate. She had taken scripture out of context and said God hates divorce, but the scriptures before that was written to the husband, not to the wives. Women are the weaker vessel. Many can not stand up to their husband and mother had no place to go, not much money and no car. She was stuck, trapped. And to her dying day she had unforgiveness and bitterness in her heart.

So tell me something? Do you think it is possible that I may have written that way because of my upbringing, maybe so. I don;t know any other way to write them.  I see Eric as loving and protective and the reader sees him as controlling. I see the mother as fearful and protective but the reader sees her as controlling. Hopefully in book 3 and in any other stories after that, you will fall in love with the hero. I am sorry readers don’t like the way I made them.

Baby Blues only got 3 reviews. Maybe that is because they can’t get passed Eric being “controlling.” I pray that someday, they will get passed it but I can’t change who my leading men are because it would change the story.

Baby Blues: What it is not about.

Last December I published a book called Baby Blues.  When I went to look it up at Amazon, all I found was the cartoon Baby Blues. I didn’t realized my book would fall under that search. My book is called Baby Blues and it is not about the cartoon nor is it about Post partum depression. Yes I looked it up. Unfortunately, you won’t be reading about a woman after she gave birth. Baby Blues is quite different from that. Maybe I should have given it another title but that was the title that came to me.

My book is also not about a happy life on the ranch. A reviewer wrote that she thought my book would be just that by reading the description. Oops! My bad. Yes. the story is set on the ranch of Montana, I did my research the best I could. I had hope I would live on a ranch before it’s publication, but it didn’t work out that way. So when you read the description, don’t compare it to other books set on a ranch. Or you will be disappointed.

I’m guessing that other authors who writes such stories, wrote a whole series set on a ranch. My series is not like that. Book one is set mostly in rural California and book three will also be set in California. As for book 4, probably in California or might be Montana. I haven’t decided.

What you will read about is a woman dealing with her infertility, her husband with his secret who by the way is not controlling. Has anyone ever heard of a loved one wanting to protect his mate? Eric loves his wife. Should I just have him say, “Sure, you can work outside the home?” And not care what happens to his wife?  At least he doesn’t abuse her or beat her.

Mean reviewers reminds me  of the media and the left. They hate Trump. They are upset because Hilary didn’t win so they say all kinds of evil against him. I recently found out that a pastor of all people who is not a Trump supporter went to one of his rallies in Florida.  He took with him, but this man already had his mind made up. No matter what good came out of the rally, he already saw him as evil.

Maybe that is a bad comparison, but that’s how I feel. I upset the reviewer so she gave me a three star review. The book didn’t live up to her expectation.

So what is my book about? It is about a woman who is depressed because she found her life unfulfilling. She thought working outside the home, but instead she saw reminders of what she couldn’t have and she ran into danger. Her husband wanted to protect her which was why he didn’t want her working outside the home. His half brother escaped from prison and he had one thing on his mind: Raping Julie. He did this to get back at Eric. So not only  is she infertile but she becomes a victim of rape.

So how is my book Christian? Julie has great faith. She listens to a kind of music that most people never heard about, but like praise and worship, it brings you close to God. It is called Soaking Worship. While Praise and Worship, you sing dance, shout and has different beats, soaking  is soft and relaxing. Think of it as soaking in a bathtub full of suds. You’re relax and you focus on the words (if there is singing or it is spoken) Julie  doesn’t give up on God but draws close to him and it has helped her to heal.

There is a saying that is true: You can’t judge a book by its cover.  So please give my book a chance. Thank you.


The Second Chance Series:Soaking Worship Explained.

On my Author page, I pondered or rather wrote whether I should tell people  what Soaking Worship is. Everyone knows what Praise and Worship is, but not that. In fact the first person left me nice three stars review because I disappointed her. I wrote very little about ranching ,  she never heard of  soaking worship and the rape scene was too long for her. I think she hoped my book would be a nice long book about ranching and romance. It is not a romance book, sorry to say.  She seemed happy I mentioned Chris Tomlin.

There is a difference between Soaking Worship and Praise and Worship. I think it is obvious. When you are in a bathtub, do you soak in suds and bubbles or do you praise it? Are you not immersed in the bubbles? Or do you dance and clap your hands in the bubbles? (Be careful you could slip and fall if you do) My questions reminds me of Paul when he said he sounded foolish because I sound foolish to you. I am trying to make a point. No, you don’t dance in the bubbles. I read in the article where it you lie  on your back and you just relax and just  immerse in the music being played. I listened to Graham Cooke Favor of the Lord on  a Sunday. It is not a sermon. He is speaking of the Lord’s Favor. We  are to receive it as we  open ourselves  to prophecy.  Most of soaking worship is prophetic. People like Corey  and Anna Ashbury and Graham Cooke or Heidi Baker. And there are some just instrumental like DappyTKeys or Kings Worship. None of those makes you want to stand and shout and clap your hands but they do draw you into God’s presence just as Praise and Worship do. The only difference is,  you are singing praise songs like Hosanna, or Our God Reigns, songs by Hillsongs, Passion, etc.  Please educate yourself. There are websites on the subject of Soaking worship. I posted one  on my author page on Facebook Madison Books.  There are tons of soaking worship videos on youtube so you don’t have to spend money on a cd and no I am not trying to get you to  or forcing you to buy my book.  My book isn’t about Soaking Worship but it is mentioned a few times in both of them because it has become part of my main character’s life.

The Second Chance Series and Soaking Worship


I have written two books and took the risk of introducing something new to my readers: Soaking Worship. I tried my best to immerse my readers into it, but they still scratch their heads.

Unlike Mass, and liturgy, Soaking Worship hasn’t been part of church history for a long time. You might say it is obscure. The question asked is, “What exactly is Soaking Worship?”

My character says in a scene to her husband, “Christian inspirational music.” It is music that inspires you to worship. Of course, I’m sure all christian music should inspire us. But there is something about the music that just draws us into God’s presence. I read at website that it “Soaking worship means that we are simultaneously focused on both giving and receiving. At first glance, this appears to be a contradiction”  4 Benefits of Soaking Worship

So if you are of an older generation. please read up before you read my book. Thanks.


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