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Showing Kindness

If you are like me, any act of kindness is appreciated. You are a new author and all you have is your computer, a printer and hopefully a Word program. You know you can write, but when it comes to making a cover design for your book, you are lost!  Also you find you need to hire a professional editor! Easier said than done. Grant it some of us have day jobs that can help fund your writing projects, the rest of us doesn’t have any source of income!

I am In a group of Facebook. The discussion has come up about how much we should charge people for our services. Apparently some of the members never think about doing an act of kindness. After all says one writer, “It is their livelihood.”  In other words it is their job. So we need to earn income one way or other. I guess they pay taxes on what they make form their art work. They don’t have any job but making cover designs. It is their livelihood. That tells me two things: Don’t ask them to design one for free even if they are your friend and look elsewhere.

The world are full of benefactors. There are people who knows they will be blessed because they helped another person. They know that God is their source and not the author who ask them to design a cover.

As for professional editors, I fully understand. In fact, I am paying one right now for editing my manuscript. I have one month to go. I have learned one thing and that is, I may take a long break. I can’t afford to hire her or anyone else again. I only get so much a month and who is willing to professionally edit my manuscript for nothing or next to nothing.  If that is the way it is going to be, I will just write for nothing. No one will read what I write and guess who misses out? My fans (that is if I have any). Besides I learn that my royalties aren’t my source. No one is buying my books or downloading them but time will tell. Both books were out last month so I will wait.Image

Writing a Revenge Story

Have you ever come across people that rubs on you the wrong way? Or how about people who don’t think you are any good? As a writer, one of the things they can do is write that person into a story. They can make that person suffer without actually harming them.

I know some people on Facebook who has rubbed me in the wrong way. I  have tried to improve my manuscript but she still complains it isn’t perfect. I have even followed her suggestions. There are also non author friends who do the same.

I don’t believe in getting even, but I thought I would have a little  and write them in the story. Have you ever seen in some movies where they say that the names have been changed to protect the identity of the people? Well, I change the names a little. Like Edward because Edmond or Stuart becomes Studley.  I do not know if  Ruthie’s Revenge” will get published, but people  be aware:



ABOUT THE PAST HUNTER–(Response to a review)

Last year in November, I thought I had published a perfect and flawless book. I only had one person to proofread it and after making the changes I began to self publish it through

I do expect honest reviews and I received one from a  fellow author who gave me a poor review yet he was willing to help me write the story better.  The Past Hunter is not about a Muslim woman or a Buhdist woman or even a Hindi. It is not about a woman worshipping any gods but the ONE TRUE GOD–Yahweh.  If a reviewer doesn’t believe in God, he  or she should not water down the story by saying “That whatever or whoever you worship gives you the strength to go on.”   No other God can give a person strength to go on! No other!

I understand that the reviewer gave up on God when his parents divorced, but it didn’t give him the right to water down my book.

Julie is a born again, spirit filled Christian. She worships Jehovah no one else.  The Past Hunter is  called a Christian Romance so don’t let what he said cause you to think otherwise. I encourage you that if you like Christian fiction, if you like romance, esp with a bit of suspense, then you will like The Past Hunter and I encourage you to download it today for 3.99